Monday, 14 July 2014

I visited the Benefit Cosmetics pub - Gabbi's head!

Me and mum have been going to London a couple of times a year, for the past 3 years. Always at Christmas, and summer for the Harrods sale. Yes we are Harrods people, grown up loving the place! So, as soon as Benefit announced they were organising  a pub for the World Cup, made for girls, I was booking the trip!

We made it to the pub in the afternoon, found it pretty easily - turn left out of the tube, right down the road and right again. There it is and you'll see the sign :)

The Benefit pub names Gabbi's head in honour of their beautiful mascot, is above Prince of Wales.

As soon as you see the steps, out comes the camera! "Laughter is the best cosmetic, so grin an wear it!" and some other slogans are all painted on the stairs, leading up to HEAVEN!

There are giant They're Real on either side of the store, and more Gabbi's Head signs, and as soon as you enter the amazing pinkness and girliness of the room hits you! I looked around and saw everything I love, Benefit make up to the right, brow bar to the left and further in a bar. What more do I need?!

A girl welcomed us in, asked if we'd been before and said if we need anything to ask.
Here is mum reading all about the Benefit summer events...

We opted for a seat in the shape of a football, in front of the brow bar, all stocked up with the B Right skincare range.

As soon as I sat down, Neens came over and gave me a hug and said welcome, and offered us one of their special cocktails. We opted for the RasBene mojito and it was delicious! Minty, raspberry and fruity just right for a summery afternoon!

I waved a hi at Megs, who was busy working away on the make up side, doing complimentary make uppers, for a suggested charity donation of £5, a bargain if you ask me!

I put my name down for my brows doing, as I haven't had them done since way before my holidays! £5 charity donation for that too! Lauren from Benefit did them, who was super lovely to chat to. While Lisa Potter Dixon, did other brows opposite.
I loved that everyone from head office are mucking in and helping out to run the pub!

These are my lovely re shaped brows and I got complemented on my eyeliner skillz! They thought I'd had mine done by them. True Benebabe!

There are beer matts on the tables, with their witty slogans on! I collected one of each to bring home Shh! 

Every half an hour there was a raffle, which the prize was a Beauty Score set, the one sold out and colours in honour of the Brazil World cup. Raffle tickets were given out, but asked after for a charity donation. I had 16 and mum had 17. Neens was the compare and pulled out a ticket, "Sweet sixteen!" YAY I won!! So excited I waved my ticket, and went to collect. Super happy, as I was going to buy one anyways! These are £29.50 and only stock left are at the Gabbi's Head pub now!

Me and mum ordered some food, I went for the classic Caesar salad and mum got the ear and walnut, I was  a bit jealous of hers. But they were both delicious!

Just before leaving, yes we actually had to exit heaven boo :(, I asked about the bag with the mini's in. This is a bag, with make up bag, purse or iPad case, only iPad cases left, stuffed with a mini They're Real Mascara, They're Real liner and POREfessional! So I got 3, as me& mum wanted one each and my manager is now obsessed with Benefit, which is completely my fault!

This iPad case with Benegoodies, is £10 and the money goes to charity!

So alas, we had to leave, as for some reason Covent Garden tube station was closed, and we had to get back to Kings Cross somehow! I said my goodbyes and off we went.

I took my instax, but there were so many photos to take, I couldn't decide what to have a picture with! So here I am outside, next to the sign, leaning on a They're Real! :)

I HAVE to go back before they close, they were supposed to close yesterday, as the World Cup final ended, but they've been given another 4 weeks at least! So, hopefully I can go back soon!

Such an amazing day, and I do love London shopping. Got loads from Harrods and Topshop and my haul from Benefit! Still smiling today! :)

The Benefit charity of choice is Refuge. They help domestic violence victims with support, shelter and anythign else they may need. My mum said our church often raises money for this charity and so she bought and donated because it is such a brilliant cause.
Find more information here and donate:

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