Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Hydraluron Moisture Booster serum: is it worth it?

I'd heard the term hydraluron thrown around now and then, but not known much about it. 
I have now discovered what it is, an acid called hyaluron which restores optimum hydration levels. 

Bit sci fi for me, but in my terms, it locks moisture GOOOOOD! 

The serum is a gel formula which is clear. 
It feels like a refreshing feeling when j rub a pea sized amount in. I go for pea sized a lot, as it is usually a decent dollop for my face. 

As soon as i rub in, it feel like a decent hydrating moisturiser. It does soak in really well all around my cheeks and T Zone. 

All of the fancy blurb to go with this is great, it is pink which is a win, but i would say this is a good moisturiser. 

Over time I would have to see the firming effects and how it locks in and hydrates, but for bedtime now it works great and I am happy with that. :) 

RRP £24.99 at Boots.com

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