Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Heroine lipstick by MAC

While I was trying to use up my dollars in the airport,( cos i'd budgeted $100 a day, as well as the last half day! Derp.) I came across the only make up stand in terminal 76 (!) of Orlando International, which was MAC cosmetics.

I haven't been using MAC for a least a year, as inwent off their thick formulas, plus EVERYONE jumped on the MAC bandwagon. However they do the beat lipsticks and I had heard about one in particular... 

Heroine. The goddess, not the drug, one would like to think. 

As I already have rebel and loveit dearly, due to its purple tone, I loved this Heroine shade immedately. 

I asked the MAC counter guy, and he "hmm'd" and went away for a look for the lipstick. Took him a while, bur he finally came back and said "ah lucky girl, the last one!" YES i thought, as i knew it was long gone in stores back home.

This is a matte, purple/ pink lip shade. Whereas Rebel is vibrant, this is a little more faded amd looks amazing on my lips. 
The best thing about these shades, are that they look excellent in every season. 

I did bring a LOT of lip colours, balms and varieties home and so this is a great one which stands out more. 

If you can get your hands on it, grab it and RUN! :) 

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