Thursday, 10 July 2014

Free Clinique in Glamour this month!

Glamour magazine £2 with 4 different Clinique products to choose from! 

Best magazing freebie of summer i think! 

I managed to grab; 

Dramatically different moisturiser

This cute bottle is perfect for weekends away, upcoming holidays, and even carrying it in my handbag daily! 
I love this moisturiser! By far my favourite, as i have previously said! Super happy with this cute size. 

High Impact mascara

One of the best mascara's out there. Feels great, looks good on and dies not clump like most high brands, let us be honest now! 

This is my everyday favourite, and has been for a few years now. I already carry a mini around with me, so this is a great back up! 

Chubby stick - Woppin watermelon

Having never used a chubby, as i used to live under a rock, obvs... This was so great to try out for the first time! 
It's a nice pale, subtle shade and is perfect for my office day look. Great size for my handbag/ desk pen pot (good tip there for you) and i am really impressed with the moisture balm on this! 

There is another chubby available, sadly I could not find in any shop :( If any one knows the where abouts of Super Strawberry, let me know& i shall pay £2+ postage :) 

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