Sunday, 20 July 2014

Benefit's They're Real Remover! It works!

Hello, here is me with my They're Real liner on. The stuff is an amazing matte finish, deepest black and DOES NOT BUDGE!

Top marks from me for Benefit Cosmetics! 

However, to get this off on a evening... Or whenever you want it off... Use Benefit's new product to co-inside with this 

YES! Thank goodness something which finally removes their mascara and now their liner! Good work San fran Benebabes! 

It really is easy to use too, put a pea soze splodge on a cotton pad and wipe. Hey presto, it is removed. 

Good stuff! 
Also I do wear contact lenses and my lenses are fine and not irritated at all, like many oil based removers i have used previously! 

Love the They're Real trio so much!! :)

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