Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Benefit Pub this weekend!

I am heading to Benefit cosmetics pub in Covent Garden this weekend! Their "pop up" pub Gabbi's Head is open for the duration of the world cup, and it been the last weekend of the World Cup it's time I went and had a nosey around!

Me and mum have booked the train down, and will get into London at 11am, off to Harrods is our first stop and then the tube to Covent Garden for a browse around and lunch at Gabbi's Head, where I hope to meet some lovely Benebabes, who I talk to all the time!

There's beauty treatments, such as eyebrow wax, or make uppers, all for a £5 charity donation.

I also hear there is a Refuge exclusive also, a Benefit make up bag, filled with mini treats! Definitely want to get my hands on one of those cuties!

I have saved up some money, and so I am ready to treat me& mumma to some girly things!

Super excited!
I shall write a post all about it next week! :)

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