Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Beauty Score set!

As I said in  a previous post, I hit the Benefit pub Gabbi's head at the weekend, and won an amazing raffle prize Beauty Score mini's kit, which is for the World Cup.

The Beauty Score set full of the perfect mini's for summer, and colours of Rio carnival! Plus it's full of Benefit's favourite products.

The top row:

Benetint - This liquid red gives a lovely tint to lips and cheeks. When this was first developed it was for exotic dancers in the '70's for their nipples to look lovely, fun fact for you! However, today I use it for my lips mainly, to give a nice colour to them in the pale days of winter!

High Beam - a highlighter that still beats all the one's out there. This is a face, cheek and brow bone highlighter, which gives a luminous glow for nights out. I first used this when I was getting ready for  a night out, at a friends house. As soon as I used is, I was addicted! Amazing product! probably one of their classics!

Stay Don't Stray - This is a eyelid primer, which helps eye make up stay put, while also giving the area around the eye, a subtle perk. Some use as a concealer, but I use it as an eye brightener on a morning!

Ooh la Lift - The eye brightener that really does make you "Ooh"! It instantly brightens tired eyes.

Second row:

POREfessional - The BEST primer I have ever used, and I will never ever change from this wondrous product! Even have my manager at work addicted, who keeps asking me to touch her face to feel the softness. (Weirdo!) This conceals pores, while giving skin a good base for foundation or on it's own looks great too.

That Gal - A primer which brightens skin. It smoothes the skins surface, but highlights at the same time. Pretty clever stuff, and makes my tired skin look perked up!

It's Potent - This eye cream is so cooling when I put it on in a morning! I love to apply it, then put my concealer over the top, to help my eyes look more awake. Smells yummy too!

Third row:

Hoola - Matte bronzer, which has no weird sparkly bits and looks amazing on. Be subtle with this though, as it is a dark shade and you don't want to look tango'd! Full review here. Early this summer I won a personalised Hoola also! See that beauty here.

Bella Bamba - the Box o' powder which a zingy bright colour, that would perfect in a carnival atmosphere. Bright pink in colour, which makes cheeks look great and summery! See the full review here.

Last row:

They're Real - The best mascara EVER! I haven't actually reviewed this in depth yet, and it is my number one mascara. It lifts my lashes, it glides on and it makes my eyes look amazing. I think this will be my next review on here!

I am in love with this cute little set, and will be getting my use out of it all over this summer! I guess the only main summer item missing is SunBeam, as I use that none stop on my cheeks and brow bone! But everything else I need is right there!

Beauty Score is now sold out everywhere, except Gabbi's Head, Benefit pub!
Gabbi's Head: 150-151 Dury Lane, 1st Floor, Covent Garden, London, WC2B 5TD
More info:


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