Friday, 4 July 2014

Avon Colour Attract Magnetic nail enamel

A girl at work has started bring in the Avon book, which is addictive!! 
So I decided to try out the Colour Attract Magnetic Nails. Which is a range of polishes, vibrant colours that have metallic elements which can be shaped with magnets. 

I went for the pink sparkly fuschia force. This was on offer for £2.50 and is usually £6.

The magnetic wand, which creates the patterns, I chose was stripes. This costs £1. 

As the wand is super cheap, I think I will be getting all 4 of the patterns, to try out the different looks. 

The wand has a lip on the top, which is a finger rest. This enables you to rest it when attracting the metal elements from the polish, with this wand magnet. 

To create the look, apply a coat of polish and hold the wand over whilst the polish is still wet. 
Hold this wand over for 20 seconds (I held for double that) and the patterns appears. 

This is a brilliant little touch for holiday/ summer nails! I love nail art, but I am rubbish at it, so this handy device helps me out so much.

As I said I held for double the amount of time Avon said to, but the pattern is prominent. My nails have lasted a week so far so it is really great lasting polish! :) 

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