Bare Minerals Prime Time!

I have been taking advantage of a few sales this month, Bare Minerals bring one of them. 

I got their Prime Time Primer Shadow in Bronzed Twig. 
The order had 15% off, free delivery, a free sample of their new Pure Brightening Serum Foundation AND a cute mirror, which just added to the check out when i paid! 

Bronzed Twig is probably the most perfect colour for me, with it's brown tones, with bronze shine it is what i wear most. Plus this is also a primer so stays on all day long! Amazing. 

It is a small tube, but only a small amount is needed to cover the eye so it is a good size for sweeping across my lid. 

The colour on looks great, especially with my liner flicks, it gives me hazel eye just the look which suits it! 

The freebie mirror is super cute and went straight in my handbag! It wasn't even advertised on their site, so i am unsure when the offer is on until! 

I am really happy with the discount and free samples included in my order, so would recommend Bare Minerals! :) 

They're Real mascara!

Finally, I am writing about They're Real mascara by Benefit Cosmetics
The number one best seller in the UK! 
I love it. 

They're Real mascara is a different kind of wand to start with, as it is spiky all around. 

The spikes pick up individual lashes and curl them, making them look like falsies. 

It also has a spiked end which is used for "going vertical" which is great for an extra lift and for the bottom lashes! 

My lashes naturally droop down, so I don't get the instant lift like many people do with mascara. However, with They're Real I do get this. 

Above: left with, right without. 
The volume here and thickening is amazing. 
Also the deep black colour is my perfect shade! 

The false lash effect They're Real gives me is amazing. It is my number one mascara! 
Please note; with my lashes they never will be the eye opening, spread out look like others, so this is showing the volume,  the length and the lift that i would get with falsies. 

There's an array of sets out at the moment for the mascara.

The Real Steal £19.50
They're Real mascara and mini liner

Lashes with Altitude travel set £29.50
(Airport purchase by my manager! Best present!!) 

They're Real is priced at £19.50 which is a lot but it actually works and I have everyone I know addicted! 

I never buy into fads or miracle products, but They're Real mascara is worth that hype. :) 

Happy National Lipstick Day!

Didn't realise until I received an email from Debenhams at 8.30am that there was such a day! 
However, with them giving £5 off all lipsticks and a free gift (blog once it arrives!) I thought I would show my favourite lippys! Yay! 
I say favourite, these are the only one's I wear! 

Hoola - Benefit Cosmetics 
A glossy, shimmering colour.

Sassy - No7
A plum sparkle shade! 

Black honey - Clinique
A subtle balm colour of deep red.

Illume - Smashbox

Purple Haze - Seventeen
Plum sparkle but not OTT. I wear daytime office all the time! 

Plum Shine - Marks& Spencer
Exactly the name in colour. I went for the packagaing first, then LOVED the colour! 

Shard - Illamasqua 
My second favourite colour. The dark red is perfect with it's matte colour. 

Rebel - MAC Cosmetics
Rebel my true love. Purple/ pink and matte is everything i need in a lip colour. In love. 

Head to Debenhams today (29/07/14) for £5 off and a free gift! :) 

Velvet kiss

Everyone seems to have been wraiting about these new lip products from Bourjois! 
Rouge Edition Velvet, the reason? They are the best long lasting product in matte finish EVER! 

The bright vivid colour lasts right through, past morning coffee, past lunch and past dinner! It lasts a whole day! Which is great cos i love wearing lipstick, but always forget to top up my pout throughout the day!

The colour i chose was pink pong, a bright pink stand out shade that would make any day brighter! 

The colour is matte, my favourite and is high in pigment, which honestly does last the whole day. Mine did 9.5 hours, but then I washed my face! 

The colour swatch here is one coat, which is all that is needed, as it is bright pink and off we go with the day. Love! 

One of the best lip products out at the moment and definitely the longest to ever stay on my kissing tool! 💋 :) 

Bumble& Bumble surfs up dude!

Bumble& Bumble are a brand i REALLY wanted to try, but are super expensive, so i considered; are they worth the money? 

I went for a minitures set to try it all and see finally. 

I yrued the surf set first: 
The shampoo and conditioner smells lovely, lathers well and made my hair feel great. 

The finishing surf spray is good for the messy look, but i don't think i'd use it again straight after a wash, as it IS a textured messy look and i'd rather have clean curls. 

The thickening shampoo is an extra to save for my holidays, so post later about that. 

I am glad i tried Bumble, but i think it's only the name to pay for, as it is a standard shampoo/ conditioning set. :)

Pink lips!

This was a gift with purchase of two Seventeen cosmetics recently. I was sure it would be a light, washed out colour, so I haven't used it right away! There was a choice two; coral or pink. I went for pink.

I am liking the crayon/ pen type lip colours are they are so easy to use that usually no mirror is needed! 

I was shocked when I put this on that it was so brightly pink. Shocked in a good way though as I love this colour pink! 

Bright pink. What an amazing shock of colour or what! More of an after work hours look, but I will be wearing it lots!

I love a good strong lip to perk up any outfit! :)

Bronzed goddess!

Bronzers for this time of year are my highlighting dreams! 

Above are my favourite bronzers, some I repurchase and use every year and some I am new to this year and I'm loving! 

Seventeen - shimmer brick £4.99

My old trusty, always repurchase favourite! I have posted about the shimmer brick before but I just really love it. 

It has all the tones and shades I love to wear, and was meant for me to wear and glow with! 

Bourjois #51 bronzing powder £8.99

I have lusted after this for many years, but never bought it. No idea why as i have used it everyday since buying! 

I went for the lighter shade and it is so great! Really glad I bought it! 

Also love that it looks like a chocolate square! Yum! 

Benefit Cosmetics - What's Up £23.50
Only been using this less that a year, but I love it for my brow bone to highlight. 
It us a champagne colour, which isn't too bright or pink like some highlighters. I admit at first I didn't know why I needed this, but now I'm addicted! 

Benefit Cosmetics Sun Beam £23.50

Sun Beam is my favourite! If I wear nothing else, I will always have sunbeam on my cheeks apples and across my nose.

 I really love this liquid in summer. It's golden glow is the best I've seen! 

I always repurchase when I finish the bottle and think it looks great before or after my holiday tan! 

No 7 highlighter £9
This is new in No 7 summer collection and drew my attention immediately with the colour and also how chunky this is! 

Just the right shape and size to circle on my cheeks! Great long wearing product!

Too Faced  bronzer £?
I wrote about this a few days ago and I am still really impressed! 

It looks dark here but really us not. I will be repurchasing for next summer! 

Benefit Cosmetics Hoola £24.50

I thought this looked way too dark, which is why I stayed away! But at a recent relaunched of Hoola, my local friendly Benebabe showed me that a light dusting is really great! 
Now I use this bronzer quite a lot too! Obviously not this one! I'm not ruining my personalised one! 

So all these bronzers I use daily from may onwards through to September. 
I wear no base or foundation most week days and just highlight and dust the bronze over my face to keep the summer glowing :)