Saturday, 28 June 2014

VS fragrance super sale stateside!

Having never been in a Victoria Secret, thinking it was full of underwear that only fits models, and that there was nothing for me, i did not know wjat i was missing out on! 

So while we were in Florida a friend we were out to dinner with introduced me, and i immediately started filling up my basket! 

This is what i got on my first trip there (we went three times while on hol) 

The spray above is Secret Crush a fruity blend with peaches. It was $5! I was amazed, as here in Leeds they are £12 each! The pink make up bag was $4.65! I picked up the bra, it was actually my size! I loved the cute hearts on it and with the price tag of $15.99 i couldn't refuse! 
They wrapped the goods in gorgeous gift wrap and popped it all in a VS bag, paper which i LOVE to collect! 

After seeing the sprays on our first trip, we knew we had to take some home at that price, and then found out the range was 5 for $20!! Could not resist!! 

So i got these ones! 

These were a selection of different one's i had seen on blogs before and all equally as fruity. 
Secret Crush - body lotion to gonwith the peachy goodness of the spray!
Sweet Daydream (top middle) - apples& rasberry scent. I am saving this for winter, as it has that lovely warming scent.
Passionate Kisses (top right) - apples and vanilla the scent of Christmas festivities! Yum! 
Forbidden Fantasy (bottom right) - Passionfruit amazing for an everyday spritz! 

I was amazed at how mich i have sprayed in the past week and the one i'm using, Secret Crush, has hardly gone down in level! It is going to last a good while! Yes! 

I popped in VS Leeds today, to see if the same offers were on. They sadly aren't. Sorry! 
However, there are some beautifully fruity one's on offer for £2!! (Full price £11!) 

These have been stowed away for Christmas presents, as i wanted to bring so many more back for everyone! 
The lemon scented one is gorgous! 

Also got this sample of the perfume to try out. As you know, i collect sample size for holidays, and i am going to Spain at Christmas. So this shall be saved for then :) 

I got lots more beauty buys from America to come in posts, but I will post where you can order from here, as it is a nightmare for me too! :) 

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  1. I've not yet tried anything from VS! Definitely going to be a post bump treat for me though!

    Jegz xo


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