Friday, 27 June 2014

New eyeliner on the block!

Hello! I am back, after taking a month off. I have been on vacation to Orlando, Florida and have a tan to be jealous of and a huge bag full of American goodies to blog about! YAY!

However, tomorrow is the day of a HUGE launch! Benefit Cosmetics (my favourites!) are bringing out an eyeliner. Not just any eyeliner, this is a gel one, which I have never used gel, but one with a tip designed for making that killer, but perfect flick! Yes Benefit!

So, I got home to discover a big black package. I ripped it open, and inside was the new eyeliner and the new remover, plus a mini They're Real! Mascara. Amazing to come home to, not so bad leaving Disney World behind now... Almost ;)
Thank you so much Benefit Cosmetics UK, you little sneaky beauties!

After composing myself from jumping up and down, I opened the liner, aptly named They're Real! Push-Up Liner, and began to apply.

Now, I will tell you some info on this first of all;
- Lash hugging; it sits on the exact curve of your lashes/eye
- gel liner - it is a matte finish, and glides like gel.
- Accuflex tip - specially designed to hug the lashes!
- Push-Up - the base twists and the gel pushes out. 
- They're Real - Like the mascara it doesn't budge, smudge AND is waterproof.

Onto the testing...

My number product I always where is eyeliner. Like now, I have a tan so none of my make up matches my multi coloured skin, so I just pop on eyeliner and go. 

The campaign for this new launch, has been the tag liner #CriminallyEasy or #IfEasyWasACrime which is due to the use of it being SO mega easy, that it should be a crime. Plus the crimes of wonky flicks and liner use all this time...!

I open the box and there is an orange marker in the top, take this out before starting. That is just keeping the product neat and tight. Twist the base, so a tiny amount of the product pops to the tip, as you don't need a huge amount.
The tip is shaped diagonal so that is shapes the lid and is easy to glide on.
The formula comes out deep black, which I love and in a matte shade, due to it being gel.
The tips glides across my lid, forming a perfect flick and actually does hug my lashes.
OK, so every time there's a new product from Benefit I am completely dubious, but I have no idea why, as they ALWAYS live up to the hype!

My finished flick looks like this...
It IS hugging my lashes, it is just they're blonde from the sun!

Perfect flick, with one coat of the liner and looks amazingly thick, just the way I love it.

Now, what have we all been waiting for, when first using They're Real! Mascara? YES A REMOVER THAT WORKS. well people, it is here!

They're Real! Remover is a creamy liquid, which when wiped over the lid and lashes removes everything! It really is my new favourite product. It is also no way greasy, and doesn't leave eyes feeling horrible.
I am contact lens wearer too, and my eyes were absolutely fine after using this :)

Both these products are out on Saturday 28th June and I would recommend them both to all! I have been using They're Real! Push-Up liner a week now and I am in love!

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  1. Aah! I'm dying to get my hands on this eyeliner! And a makeup remover that actually removes the They're Real mascara? Amazing.
    Also, your tan is looking gorgeous Sam! Totally jealous of your holiday xx


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