Sunday, 29 June 2014

New Baby Lips Crystal!

I picked up these in CVS and Ulta when I was in Orlando. I read about the new range before going, and so had a list with these plus lots more beauty buys! 

When we finally got Baby Lips over here in UK, I was super happy, as the lovely brightly coloured balms look great on in colours, peach being my favourite of the originals and they also hydrate my lips brilliantly! 

The new crystal range is back to soft colours, with sparkle pigments, which I loved! 

I picked up 3 from the range.
Gleaming Coral - orange sparkle
Twinkling Taupe - tan colour sparkle
Mirrored Mauve - plum sparkle

I loved the look of all these colours and knew they'd all suit my lips and skin combination tone, with or without my tan.

The one I've chosen to use first is Twinkling Taupe, as it is a nice neutral colour to start with. 

I have swatched this on my hand and as you can see it isn't too OTT like their previous collections and works well for everyday, when hydrating or wanting a slight tone of colour.

I really love these Baby Lips, the only downside would be that there is no SPF, which i need due to being cold sore prone. But the cute colours and packaging are bareable and i can use my SPF under or over it :) 

Available on amazon or eBay. Available in drugstores here real soon this summer! :)

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