Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Seventeen Cheek Stamp - The Cheek Of It!

Seventeen Cheek Stamp blush £4.99 - The Cheek Of It

Last summer, maybe before Seventeen hit the shelves with a cheek stamp in a pink colour with sparkle tones. I loved it. I love the packaging, the unique way it was a stamp and the colour was amazing.

Skip to spring 2014 and here Seventeen are again, but with more colours. The new range has 5 different colours, including pink, the peach above and brown tones.

Each stamp has the a small unit, with twists apart to reveal a sponge to supplicate, with the blush in the other half of the pot. There is also a small mirror on the understand of the unit blush to use to apply.

Amazing little blush, which can be carried around easily for daily applications and fits perfectly in a bag!

I went for the peach The Cheek Of It colour and was impressed with how strong the colour was, and how easy it is to use on the apples of my cheeks!

I would recommend this, but the colours are limited and very bright in colour. The applicator is good to use on the apples of cheeks, but if you like to sweep, you would need a different brush! :)


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