Thursday, 15 May 2014

Lash Impact - Does it make an impact?

No 7 have a new mascara out! YAY! I love No 7 and my favourite make up item has to be mascara, so it's obvious I want going to get this on the introductory offer price for £10, instead of £13.50

Lash Impact is its name and it has claimed to be an exactly, if not better product to Benefit's They're Real, erm what?! Gotta get in on this statement and see if it lives up to it!

Lash Impact is bright sparkly red, win!
The mascara brush is not the usual huge bristle one for volume, but quite shallow and wire/ fibre, but equal all around, which does help lift each lash and along the bottom also.

I went for the black, instead of the other black/ brown shade. As soon as I used it, I loved the style of the brush, and was really impressed from the first coat. I do however, tend to do more than one, down to my preference and because my lashes naturally go down and I have a LOT of lashes, so need more formula to hold them up!

It IS a great mascara, and my favourite of recent times from Boots and other drugstore brands. It is a brilliant price also.

Is Lash Impact better, or equal to They're Real? Not a chance! But great marketing tool to get me interested! :)

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