Monday, 19 May 2014

How Do You Hoola?

Benefit are currently re-launching their Hoola bronzing product, in fact the number 1 bronzing product on the market today!

I have never used this product, so as it was back in the spotlight I thought I would try it out and see why it is the number 1!

In my advent calendar last year, yes THAT Benefit advent calendar, I got a sample of Hoola, which I never touched util now.

I was put off bronzer's for a long time, with their strange orange glow, sparkly bits clinging to cheeks and being far too dark for my preference. However, this product is none of the above, and is a matte finish!

I tried it first, and it looked awfully dark, so I went and asked at my local counter, where they demonstrated it, and showed me that if I patted some excess of and blew before applying, it would go on much lighter, but still give a good bronzed coverage.

Now, after giving this another whirl, I really like the look it gives. I have used it all over my face, it has given a glow, but not tanned and also on my cheeks as a blush, a good dark look for the up coming summer months.

For summer I definitely will stick with this, and probably eventually buying the full size, but for now I am happy to play with my sample and try out different looks and hopefully discover what this "Contouring" look is all about!

BenefitUK must've been impressed with my progress, as I got put in their favourite pictures of last week!
You can win a personalised Hoola this month, but sending  a picture of you& a Hoola on twitter/ Facebook/ instagram of BenefitUK and including the hashtag #HowDoYouHoola :)

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