Friday, 9 May 2014

Holiday mini essentials!

HOLIDAY! Yes! it is nearly upon me, which is absolutely amazing seeing as though I paid for it back in September! This year I planned to go to America again, Orlando in Florida to be more specific.
I have been to America before, to New York, all over the state on a road trip, right up to New Jersey and all over the whole state of NY, including the city of NY which I feel in love with.
So, when my friend asked me about Orlando I was  a bit hmm at first, but she has been 10 times, she made it sounds like most magical place that I had to say yes!
So here we are, 4 weeks before we fly (to the day! Eek) and I am gettign together my bits and bobs which I'll need!

My wonderful mum has been collecting little bits for me to take with me, as we will bring  a LOT more back, than what we are taking, so mum has been collecting miniatures and sample sizes.

The above is a selection of Benefit Cosmetics which are lovely deluxe samples , that should last my holiday and are all my favourites!

It's Potent - eye cream to fade dark circles. It is lovely and cooling for on a night use, or as a tip I got from the counter, put it on under concealer and it will brighten the eye area! Top tip as it's so nice to use on a morning!

Total Moisture - a moisturiser that is suggested for night use, but I do use it before I apply make up, to keep my skin refreshed!

Cha cha Tint - an orangey/ mango colour which is perfect for summer on the lips and cheeks.

Sun Beam - my favourite summer product! This is a gold shimmery cheek tint, which looks amazing with a tan or to highlight certain areas like the brow bone! last year I wore this by itself, with no foundation under and it looked lovely!

High Beam - highlighter for cheeks, brow and eye area. should give a nice glow for a night time cocktail session!

Bad Gal eyeliner - mini liner which can be used dry or wet and glides on really well. It doesn't need pressure like a LOT of pencil liners.

Coralista - pink shimmery coral tinged blush which is my all time favourite powder. I do not go a day without. This is a brand new mini, but I have one I carry around with me everyday! It's just the perfect colour for me and luckily it was the first box o'powder I ever picked up!

Fake Up - concealer with hydration ring. Review here.

Tan About Town - mini set for £9.50 at Boots! It has Some kind of Gorgeous, which is a cream foundation that I lived off when I was in college! That was my first every Benefit product I think! Hoola which I haven't used before, but it will hopefully look good out in the sun and when I am sun kissed on a night! Bad Gal mascara, i love the brush on this, nice and thick to give volume to my lashes!

So I think my mum did good collecting these for me to take!
4 weeks and counting!!

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