Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Hi, i'm Sam. This is my make up journey!

2013 May! 

I am the first to admit i am terrible at make up! I decided though about a year ago now, that i must be a girly girl and fet better. These woman who post videos make it look effortless and they themselves look flawless! How is it done?! I asked myself. 

2013 - Mastering the eyeflick

So, I watched a Youtube video on "how to do an eye flick" erm, really not kidding! 
Perfected (sort of) that& moved onto blush, what tones suit my skin. Then mascara, which is going to volumise my long lashes& make them look amazing...? 

August hit and so did a double bargain. A full size one and a mini. It claimed to "curl base to tip" with 90% testers agreeing. Another 94% said they "saw dramatic length& volume". Plus 100% of wearers agreed they saw "long wearing results." 
Yeah al-right then. 
However, I do love a bargain so for double the mascara I ordered it at £19.50. 

I got it on a Tuesday& LOVED it by Wednesday.... Have you guessed what it is yet?! Yep! They're Real! I am addicted to it& have most people I know addicted! 

2013 August - my first They're Real

So, I am a bit of a spoon when it comes to make up. I don't know my eyelash curler from my foundation brush, but I thought I could teach myself and I have enjoyed every minute learning new things, learning all about brands and picking up tips. 

I learn a LOT of tips from QVC, where Benefit's head make up artist Lisa Potter-Dixon gives her tips& tricks at least once a month! #GoVertical <-- when you know, you'll know ;) 

August 2013 - Illamasqua The Sacred Hour launch

I also hit up illamasqua's Leeds classes& work shops last summer (sadly they're 4-6pm now so I can't make most!) and love every second of the wonderfully colourful and home made British branding of it! 

The Sacred Hour launch was one of my favourite nights, as was Company magazine's hosting night at illamasqua Leeds! 

2013 September- Wearing illamasqua The Sacred Hour - Shard lipstick& Reflections eye pallet. 

2013 Sept- Tools of the trade! 

I AM still learning! Still a spoon, but willing to watch& learn the new things. Mainly why I set up a blog also, a year on, to see what things I know and other things I could learn or improve on!

So onto my latest task, perfecting bronzer. I do love it. I use it all through summer months, but I want to look like I know what I'm doing now and not look like I have chocolate smeared on my cheeks! (Face! Keep out the gutter!) 

This month Benefit have #HowDoYouHoola at the moment I am unsure how I do, if I do at all. But as the month of May and 2014 continues, I will progress!

2014 May - I look mega pale, but I am a medium! (Look at my arm colour!)

Hello world, I am Sam and I am now feeling glam! :) 

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