Monday, 5 May 2014

Clinique Haul!

So, this week Clinique are getting people involved in their 3 step skincare system! They are giving away a 10 day trial of their products in the 3 step, when you have you skin tested for which combination is right for you!

So off I popped to my local counter on Friday to get myself tested (ohh-err) and see which products are best. Slightly worrying I might have been using the Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion (Review here) all this time and it being wrong, but hey ho, I shall know for sure soon enough!

I sat myself down and away we went. The lovely girl Mel went through the different steps of the 3 step skincare and explained how to determine which is best suited for me, this was by asking a few questions about skin concerns and looking through a magnified mirror at my face. I'll bet that was a shock for her...!

So turns out i am #2 consisting of
Liquid facial soap - Mild
Clarifying Lotion - 2
Dramatically Different Moisturiser - Lotion

Obviously never doubted my beloved moisturising lotion or a second... Err... So she popped the 3 suitable samples in a little box, with the information of what the products were, then asked if I'd like it testing and have a mini make over. "YES PLEASE" I screamed...In my head! 
It was rather great to discover some new products, as I am always keen to try new things!
I was particularly impressed with the make up remover milk - Take the day off Cleansing Milk, which is for all skin types, feels cooling when wiped on and is just what i go for in make up removers! (Usually using Johnsons baby moisture!)

At the end of the make over, I had purple shadow, to bring out he green in my eyes and a test of many of the make up products and SPF products as summer is approaching and I want my face to remain burn free!

I got given a goody bag of miniatures, which was lovely and signed up for their email list, with a free lipstick voucher as an incentive! 

The Goody bag;

Repairwear Laser Focus - Wrinkle Correcting Eye Cream 
Mum loves this. I shall tell the results in a few years i guess...?

Moisture Surge Intense - Skin Fortfying Hydrator 
This is a rich gel cream and as soon as it touches my skin I can tell it will do as it says. Thick consistency but really did hydrate when applied.

7 day Scrub Cream - Rinse Off Forumla 
This is a face scrub, which has the usual little beads that scrub away the days impurities and gets right into pores to unclog.

Long Last Lipstick - All Heart 
This lippy is full of moisture, is a red tone with sheer coverage, maybe a hint of orange. Really lovely looking on my lips, as usually i looked weird in reds!

Anti Blemish Solutions - All Over Clearing Treatment
This is a new range from Clinique, and is perfect for those days when the mountainous spot appears! The gel i got to test and is amazingly cooling. This is their step 3 of the range, and so is not as good as the gel, but this moisturiser will help with the blemish. I shall carry this in my bag!

Calyx - Exhilarating Fragrance 
A fragrance full of citrus tones, with a floral mixture. Very nice for this time of the year!

High Impact Mascara 
My favourite in their range, maybe my favourite of all mascaras! (I will do a post on this soon, I promise!) The brush on the wand is perfect for my long lashes, it doesn't have a strange smell, which some mascaras can do and it doesn't clump! I carry mini ones around everywhere, so this is perfect for my upcoming holidays! 

All i all an excellent haul from Clinique! I am not entirely sure if they give out samples to all people (I has a little word with them before), but they do offer Bonus time & freebies if you sign up to their emails or order on-line! :)

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