Sunday, 25 May 2014

Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions!

Received this cute little package in the post the other day! I signed up for it a while ago, when Clinique ran their anti blemish campaign. 
I will admit i am not one prone to acne or major breakouts. However, when i get a blemish/ spot, it tends to be a good sized one, which i could charge rent to for a week! 

So with this little kit, I was set up ready to fight the next blemish! 

It is part of their widely known 3 step skin care, but the newest one to that and one suitable for all skin types, hence the 1,2,3,4 on the packet. My 3 step skin review is here.

Step 1; soap - deep clean. This should be used when make up has been removed, with warm water and a good scrub around the face. Feels pretty great after this step!

Step 2; Clarifying lotion - unclog pores. This liquid gets in to the now open pores, due to step 1, and takes away the remaining dirt and build up, which causes blemishes. As I opened it I immediately smell the witch hazel, a treatment my mum swears by and one I have always used on spots! Well done Clinique! 

Step 3; All Over Clearing Treatment - treat & clear. This is a moisturising solution, that carries on working with the blemish area to soothe and combat the progress. It is nice on and feels good, but i do know of their other product : Clinical Clearing Gel. 
This product when put directly onto a blemish, cools the redness and stops it in it's tracks. 

This kit is pretty good at what it does, but after checking the ingredients, it is full of witch hazel, which I've used for years. Great concept and a welcomed freebie, but nothing groundbreaking! 

What are your thoughts on the new Anti Blemish Solutions range from Clinique? 

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