Thursday, 15 May 2014

Chanel Les Bieges

I got this tiny sample of Chanel in my Glamour magazine this month!
I am a Chanel fan, and have many products from them, and heard many great things about this product.

I am liking the look of all this skin/ foundation products appearing on the market to give "healthy glows" or "summer shines" as sometimes my skin does need a pick me up, on the transition from winter into spring/ summer.

This has an SPF of 15 which I am also keen on wearing an SPF now I am walking to work and need that sun protection.

This sample is far too small to test my whole face, so I did one cheek and popped to  a local Chanel counter for the rest! I loved the look it gave and it is similar to a tinted moisturiser, so it is brilliant for these warmer months! 

As a Chanel fan I am impressed, but brands cheaper do this exactly the same, for cheaper the price, like Seventeen, No7 and Simple, so it isn't anything which is ground breaking, but nice to test it out! :)

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