Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Box o box o on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

Benefit Cosmetics box o'powders has to be my favourite items! The packaging is like a magnet for me! I become a magpie for them and cherish every one! 

Hervana blush £23.50 7g
The colours on this pan are; cream, dark pink, light pink and brown. It is in a swirl design which help them to blend and mix easily! It is pronounced Hervana,like Nervana ;)
The brush is an angled one, which helps define the line of blush along the cheek bone. I love the look of this, and i have even tried mixing the seperate ones alone. Fabulous colours, which would work great with many skin tones! 

Bella Bamba £23.50 8g
This is latest one I've bought as it is being discontinued i heard, so i had to try it out! Bella Bama (Which makes me sing ba ba lambama every time!) a bright pink blush, as bright as the holographic box which contains it! 
Usually i would never go for the neon-ish effect, but it looks amazing on, with a sweep of Hoola around the face, for a bronzed summer look! 
I was really surprised that i loved it so much and will keep using throughout the warmer weather :)

Top left Hervana. Top right Bella Bama. Bottom left Coralista. Bottom Right Rockateur.

Coralista blush £23.50 8g
The first I bought was Coralista! It it a coral pink colour, with sparkle and fitted exactly to the criteria I wanted. The brush is soft that it comes with, and the packaging is what I would imagine Rio to be like this summer, animal print with pink and shine! 
The colour looks like a coral, but more pink than the orange immediately thought of, with shiny sparkle subtlety. I mean subtle, not Barbie sparkle! It has the pan (bottom) now *sob* so I WILL be purchasing another soon. 
This is my go back to product always and have the mini in my handbag at all times <3 

Rockateur £23.50 5g
The shallowest box o'powder I have, the most unsure one I bought, but the one i have grown to love! It said Rock... On it, so I had to buy it as a rock chick! The launch was fun, but i wasn't convinced. However, on a make upper in February, I was shown it again and discovered how great it looked and how to use it! 
The smell of this rose pink blush is divine, and the way it looks on is fabulously pink, infused with pearly rose! The brush it comes with is very firm, which I why I didn't like it compared with others. But I can see why it is now, due to it being applied straight across the cheek, instead of focusing solely on the apples! 

So, my favourite is Coralista, but there are many still to try! 
Which is your favourite?! :) 

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