Saturday, 24 May 2014

Benefit's new lipbalm and sun cream!

Summer is on our doorstep and the new beauty products are getting ready to stock the shelves! 
I heard about the new Benefit Cosmetics lip balms a couple of months ago and was immediately excited! 
I booked into my local counter, which is Huddersfield and was told there was the balms plus two other products launching!  One is a sun cream and the other a anti ageing serum! 
The launch date is Saturday 31st May, but they are available on-line now. 

The balms come in four colours which are based on the tints. These are;
Cha Cha balm

I want all of them, obviously, but chose Posiebalm to order on-line and will treat myself to the rest at the counter. 
Posiebalm is a light pink colour, the balm is hydrating and a nice shine finish. 
The packaging is like a lipstick and is a great colour.
My only gripe is that is doesn't have an SPF, which I really need in summer due to cold sores! Alas it is a great new products and each will match my summer wardrobe! 

The sun cream is named Dream Screen and it says it is a matte finish, so that in itself should be a dream! SPF is 45 which is a good high factor for my nose at least! 
When I applied this, it was none greasy, which is the most amazing thing EVER from a sun cream, as usually i am a greasy, oily mess! 
It is only a small bottle, which is probably only going to last this summer, but everything on the packet and my one use is looking good! 

For buying the Dream Screen there was a promo code of INSTANT. Which meant I got a deluxe sample of Instant Comeback, the new facial serum, which is said to be age defying.

This sounds like a really great product, even though I never go near anti ageing products, the claim of "Tired skin looks plumped and hydrated and feels firmer, smoother... Energized." appeals to me, as some days I look like a zombie and need a boost! Really excited to try this and buy the full size soon! 

Go out and book into a counter ready for next week, to try everything out! 
Which one's are you most excited about?

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