Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Agent Zero Shine

Benefit Cosmetics - Agent Zero shine, POREfessional range - £23.50

This new product came out on my birthday, Boxing Day, 26th December last year! So obviously, it was a product made for me!
Agent Zero Shine is part of the POREfessional range from Benefit, of which i won a competition of the products earlier this year! See here for that story!

This product is a powder, which goes on colourless and is great for covering the shiny areas of your face. So for me those are, my T-Zone (Forehead and nose to you and me!).
Agent Zero Shine comes in a plastic tube, which unscrews at the bottom to reveal a powder brush, and unscrews at the top to twist and empty the powder.

It is a little tricky getting the right amount of powder, as I empty it into the lid, as a lot pours out, then I have to manoeuvre it back into the pot once I am done.
I dip the cute brush into the powder, and sweep over my face. I use this over foundation, but It will work brilliantly without, as the shine disappears.

Now, I can hear you say "But I already use face powder to cover my shine!" as did I. But this is REALLY lightweight and as it is colourless, it can be brushed anywhere, to keep the shine away. 

it is a really great product for me, as I never use powders and it is a quick way to stop my shiny face glowing!

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