Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Women are from Venus!

Gillette Satin Care with a touch of Olay £3.65
Olay teamed up with Gillette last year for their new range of razors collaboration. This shave gel is  a product of that relationship.

The Satin Care range from Gillette has always been good for me, with my sensitive skin and the foaming volcano making it easy to use all over.
Olay is a product which has run through my family for generations and is the one skin care product we all use and love!
So, this collaboration was  a match made in heaven for me!

Thsi particular product from the range is called Satin Care, with a touch of Olay.
I will be honest, I tried this and fell in love. It is a blue gel, which foams up almost instantly in the water and lathers up really amazingly! I know people say this all time time, that a product is amazing etc, but I pay for these things myself and this really is worth the money!

Once I am out of the shower and dry, my skin is amazingly smooth (I used the Olay/ Venus Gillette razor also) and really hydrated, which doesn't happen often with shower products, for my preferences.

I would really recommend this to anyone, who is uncovering their legs in the next week weeks, dusting off the cobwebs and getting them out in public!

Amazing set of products from Olay and Gillette!

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