Thursday, 17 April 2014

Pro Voke - Touch of Silver shampoo

Pro:Voke - Touch of Silver Shampoo £3.09

This is a product I saw a while ago and it didn't jump out at me, but after I had waited 4 months for my roots touching up and they were blacker than the night, I needed something to brighten me up.
This a shampoo that should be used every other wash, it says "Twice a week" but that is every other for me, as I don't wash my hair everyday.

This violent pigment shampoo brightens, whilst neutralising the yellow tones, making it less brassy.

I was really impressed from the first use, and will definitely continue to use now that my hair is back to blonde highlights. It has really worked well, and I don't have the yellow tone with the bleach on my highlights.

A great product which does everything it says it does and an excellent bargain too!


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