Sunday, 6 April 2014

Primers - what, how, where....

So, are you a little confused about Primers at the moment? 
Primers, eye primers, pore primers... Eh? Is what i asked a few months ago. I thought it was just slap on some foundation and away we go. 
But now a days, a good primer can help smooth out the sifferent pigmentation on skin and make it easy to apply a foundation.
What- a tube of pasty goodness for your face.
How- use your fingers, to smoother a pea size portion on your face. 
Where- spread it over your mush!

I chose 3 primers that are popular, one's which i have used and which are a variation in price. 

No7 Air Brush Away Primer £19.50
This primer is meant to give the effect of flawless skin, making the base ready for the sweep of top layer foundation.
I used it throughout Christmas, to see the effect and it is a really great primer. A little sticky, it comes in a clear paste which should help to match all skin tones and does exactly what it says. At the great price, it is a good buy, but it is a little thick in consistancy. 

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer £25
This is the highest priced primer out there, but having said that it is a excellent one. With a clear paste to match skin tones, it evens out on skin really good and is nice to feel when applying. I guess the only off putting thing is the price and that it comes out thick. If i use a pea size portion, it takes a while to sweep over all my face.

Benefit Cosmetics POREfessional £24.50
This primer, not only makes a base smooth for foundation coverage, it also covers pores to make a more flawless finish. This primer is #1 in the market amd it is worth every penny. Unlike other primers the POREfessional is a peach/ light colour, which doesn't mean that it goes on this colour though, it glides on and blends in to match any tone. Since using this i have converted to primers. This is smooth, feels lovely on and evens out mt red patches and strange looking colours. 

Hope this helps in your quest and understanding primers! 

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