Wednesday, 2 April 2014

New to Blogs...

So, I have decided to blog as I LOVE writing and I love reading other peoples lush blogs and fawning over the products they post and think I would give a whirl myself.
So here it goes...

I shall be mainly posting beauty products, and the offers they have on the products. I love  a great bargain and a LOVE make up and beauty products, so I thought sharing my love would be good. Plus I think posting on all my social media sites would be less painful for some, if it were posting on here instead!

My favourite brand is Benefit, however I do use other brands, like premium and drug store and own store brands, so expect different variations.

If you ever want something review or advise get at me : @sampan_27 is where I am at 24/7, but I guess post under here and I'll figure it out...?

My first post shall be done tonight on the new BB cream from Benefit, as I just bought it this weekend and I am coming up to a week of use, so I think it is a good place to start!

Hope you like what I post and I shall explain my name one day soon! x

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