Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Moisturisers... All of them!

It's safe to say I accumulated a few moisturisers over the last year! So I thought I would go through which are the best, and the not so best ones!
(Starting from left top)

No 7 Pampering Dry Skin Oil Body Spray £9.50 200ml
As No 7 gift out their wondeful money off vouchers at an alarming rate (not that I complain) I decided to give some products a go, which I don't normally buy. Thsi Dry Oil Spray being one of them. it worked out at £4.50, due to the skincare £5 off voucher and I have loved everything about it. I do get put off oils and sprays, as they tend to be greasy, rather than nourishing to skin. However, this spray is different to the rest, it found it non greasy, the smell is amazing and left my body lovely and soft after showering. This actualy ran out last night, but I shall be re buying soon, when the No 7 vouchers are in circulation that is, as this is more than an hours pay!

Vaseline Spray& Go £4.99
Now for a moisturiser this is an expensive one! I wanted to try it out when it d├ębut in summer, but I am not impressed with it at all. It is greasy and doesn't absorb easily into skin. Unlike the TV advert, you can't slip clothes straight on, or indeed spray & go! Completely over priced, for what it actually does.

Boots Cocoa Butter & Mallow Body Lotion £2.03 300ml
Strange price, but amazingly hydrating lotion! This Boots own brand product is excellent value for money, with 300ml, unlike the usual 200ml. The smell is gorgeous and this really does moisturise skin all over, while leave it soft. The pump action is what pulled me in, as I have one of these on my desk, so that I am never without moisture. 

Benefit Bathina Silky and Seductive Body Oil Mist £26.50 75ml
Benefit are premium brand beauty, which is why the price is so high. The bottle is a lovely pink, keep sake pot bottle with spray lid. The oil is a little greasy, but smells divine. I haven't actually used this that much, as the price is so high and it has the least to offer in quantity. Great buy if you are feeling flush!

The Body Shop Gingerbread Sparkle £13 200ml
This is the best smelling body moisturiser I have ever smelt! When I had a sniff in the Body Shop this past Christmas I was in heaven. I didn't buy it straight away, then it sold out! Nooooo. Luckily this weekend I got one in the reduction section for £5! I love the smell, how it moistures skin and even the packaging is lovely! I am a sucker for gingerbread men! The smell is amazing, but can be over powering for others. Be warned!

Sanctuary Triple Moisture Bliss £10 (reduced to £4) 3 at 100ml
These three body butters were the best present my mum received two Christmases ago. All she asked for this year was these, so I HAD to get in on this moisturising madness! Each one has different qualities. Orange is hydrating, White is relaxing and red is for soft skin. These will forever be on my Christmas wishlist now. a firm favourite in our household.

The clear winner here is the Boots own  Cocoa Butter& Mallow Body lotion, due to it's rock bottom price, but excellent moiturising qualities. The Sanctuary Triple Moisture Bliss are a close 2nd however, as there is still 8 months to go until Christmas, and we cannot replenish whenever we need to! Boo.

I have plenty more facial moisturisers, so shall crack on with that post soon! :)

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