Wednesday, 23 April 2014

March Favourites :)

March Favourites! Little late to the party seeing as thought it's the end of April, but I blame that on me taking too many photos of things to blog, then subsequently forgetting about said pictures... Derp.

Anyhow, Above is a photo of my favourites as of late!

Pink blossom gift box from No 7 (Free gift with 2 purchases)
 This has a mini Exceptional Definition mascara, which is in black, has a really great brush which helps give volume and is clump free (Thank goodness). it is a little heavy on mine, but does look good on the bottom ones!
Stay Perfect eye shadow in Cappuccino is a great colour for my office hours and can be used with liner for a night look. lovely light brown shade.
High Shine lip crayon in Delicate Pink is an awesome colour, I have not stopped wearing it since I got it! It is a shiny with a sparkly sort of shine. Great spring colour of pink!
Skin illuminator Radience boosting beauty fluid in peach colour. Not a clue what is supposed to be used for, but looks fab on my cheeks as a highlighter.. answers on a postcode ta!

Gillette Venus& Olay razor with Sugarberry scent £5.49 offer at Boots (£10.99 RRP)
What is sugarberry, I do not have a clue, but it smells like rasberry/ strawberry.
I got the Olay razor when it came out last year and found it was amazing for smooth legs and I LOVE the Olay strip! Definitely the best razor around. The refills are pricey though, so wait for an offer on those!

John Freida Luxurious Volume Shampoo & Conditioner - 2 for £8 Boots offer (£5.99 each)
I have found the one. The holy grail of haircare for my noggin! I love having volume and usually cannot find anything that works, as I do have fine hair. This stuff grabs hold of locks and holds them and caresses them and give my hair definition. Amazing. Well worth the money!

Benefit Fake Up concealer free sample 
Free sample when I inserted my advantage card in Boots. They did this offer, along with free foundation and skin care! This is a hydrating concealer. The outer ring is a clear/ white colour which is the hydration part and the concealer is in the centre. This is a great little carry around sample, to cover any afternoon dark circles, but not really great for full concealer coverage. Maybe that is the sample size. Good for free though!

No 7 Stay Perfect nail colour - £6 each
Peachy Keen and Mojo - I loved both colours for spring/ summer! They look fabulous on and No 7 polishes don't really need that top coat afterwards, are they tend to be high shine! 

No 7 Beautiful Skin face wipes £7
these are the best wipes around. When No 7 do their glossy vouchers I always stock up, as they are £2 and my skin feels nice after using and not too dried out! These remove all make up and even stubborn mascara! I am really impressed with these and love the little top lock, to keep the freshness sealed!

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