Friday, 11 April 2014

illamasqua - The Scared Hour collection

Illamasqua are a amazing British make-up company, who constantly break all the rules with their colour swatches and boundaries within creations!

The Sacred hour launched back in August last year, and I still love every product in their range! I was lucky enough to bag  a place at their launch in the Leeds store, and test everything out!

The Reflections pallet 
This is perfect colours for what  like. It is pictured above,  yellow shimmer, light gold, bronze/ brown and metallic grey.
I use the two of brown and gold the most, with the yellow for my brow. The grey is perfect for night make up. 
The pallet is a cream, but feels so soft and smooth like a powder shadow. It sits on the lid perfectly throughout the day.

Peaked and Sleek blushers:
The blusher is a cream blush, which goes on as powder! Amazing! Available in two shades, a pinky one named Peaked and a peachy one named Sleek. 

Shard lipstick:
Now, onto my favourite lipstick, I have ever graced my lips with! Shard, it's like they pluck out my thoughts and knew exactly what I wanted. A mulberry tone with a violet matte finish. An amazing colour! This is me with it on!

Facet nail polish:
Facet is a bronze/brown metallic shimmery colour. it does go on light, so a few coats are needed, so that i looks the same, as in the bottle. Lovely colour to compliment the pallet though!

The Scared Hour 5/5

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