Monday, 7 April 2014

Hed Kandi polishes by Models Own

Models Own Hed Kandi collection £5 each or 5 in a box £20.

I got this collection when the offer appeared in my email, £20 for 5 polishes = amazing! Plus the colours were nothing like other ones. 
I had the Ibiza Mix colour previously, which is a sparkly, multi coloured phenomenal colour. I layered this up on my nails, and it looked like a spectrum of colours and matched every outfit!

The other colours in the collection are:
Bora Vora - A gold sparkle mixture.
Sunset Chillout - A blue tinted glitter, with streamers which shine different colours in light.
Disco Heaven- A gold glitter mix, with terquois undertones.
Hedonist - Neon orange/ pink colour, great for a base coat!

To try out these new colours I decided to mix the bright Hedonist as one nail in the middle and paint my others with Sunset Chillout, mainly as the name reminded me of Cafe Mambo, on the sunset strip, staring about the georgeous sunset, while I sipped a cocktail (or 10!) back in 2007!

Here's the outcome...

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