Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Hand creams err do i really need those, Grandma?!

Erm yes young padawan!
I was the same, hated the greasy feel and didn't see the point in wearing them as i didn't think i needed them. 

I got over the texture, as it is just like moisturiser and after a few mins it soaks in and is all soft and lovely on my paes! 

Sanctuary Spa - Hand Cream £3 
Currently using this travel size one! Smells A Ma ZING! My hands are soft and feeling no way dry feom the horrid weather! 

Vaseline Nail Cream £3.27 (Boots)
Nail cream, err, but this is a liquid formular, pink in colour and has the unique vaseline smell. Great for moisture but takes a few more seconds to soak.

Crabtree& Everyn - Rose Water £5
Small, handbag/ pocket size with the added flavour of pommegrante, but there is an overwhelming smell of i'm-not-quite-sure-what... Hmm. Great size, but i'll try a different flavour before i buy next time! Great for moisture, not on the nose!

L'Occitane - Hand cream trio £8 each
Offer in a cute pouch in Jan of this year!
3 different flavours; 
Shea Butter - smells devine as Shea is probably my favourite smell and go to one for body/ hand butters!
Cherry Blossom - lovely floral fragrance! 
Almond Delicious Hands- smells like bakewell tarts and marzepan! :D
All are non greasy, moisturise brilliantly and great as little testers. As they ate tiny samples, the lids are hars to screw off! Apart from that, they do their job excellently!! 

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