Thursday, 24 April 2014

Bits and Bobs

So, I am kinda on a spending ban! I am saving for my trip to America in June, scrimping and saving like mad, feeling down the back of the sofa rtc, you know the drill. So, at the moment i am posting thongs from last month, or freebies i get from websites! 
Here are a few thinga i got last month, which i love and thought i would blpg about, as i have used them for a month know and got a good feel for them :) 

Benefit Pocketpal £15.50
This is Benetint at one end and a clear, non sticky gloss at the other. Now, i wasn't sure about tints at first, i thought they were not great. However, Benetint has changed that, it looks fab in it's red colour AND i usially look dredful in red colours! For some reason i just don't look great in red :/ But this is a handy pocket size& can be glossed over, all the while sat at my desk after munching my lunch! Brilliant little invention. 

Benefit Lollitint £24.50
This orchid colour tint is a completely dofferent colour to all the others out there. It is a purple / pink colour, on me it is more purple, but the great thing is that it goes on different to the various cheek tones! Amazing! I love the shade on my lips too and lasts quite a while too! 

Benefit Fake Up concealer £8 (Free sample) 

Lush Bubblegum lip scrub £5.50
Never ever EVER had i stepped in a Lush store, let alone tried one of their delicious smelling products! So in i popped to the Leeds store, looked around in bewilderment, then finally settled on the lip scrub. I get such dry lips, from walking to work and braving the elements, so i thought this would be perfect! The smell of bubblegum ia devine and the scrub is really great for ridding those dry particles! Definitely biying this beauty again! It is very important to exfoliate, even our kissable lips! 

Benefit Hervana Blush £23.50
Hervana, like Nervana, as head make up artist Lisa Potter-Dixon recently informed us on QVC.
This blush, has a swirl mixture of 2 pink tones and a light creamy colour. Very much different to thinga i usually go for. I usually head for browns& peaches in blush, as my cheeks are naturally pink. However, this works really great with my skin tone and smells amazing! (No idea what they put in their box o'blush but it works well for the nose!)

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