Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Benefit Cosmetics are back next month with a new launch of 3 YES THREE, brand spanking new products!!
I have booked my counter appointment for launch day on Sat 31st May.* 
 My excitement for the 3 is building to catastrophic heights! (Grab their new booklet at a local Benefit counter for more info!)

Launch product #1: 
Benebalms £14.50

The favourite shades of tints are back with a ace new design, a bloody lip balm! Gone are the awkward carrying of the Benetint in your pocket, here comes a funky stick, handy for touch up throughout the day, while nourishing the lips! 

The new balms come in the following colours:
Benetint / Benebalm
Lollitint / Lollibalm
Posietint / Posiebalm
Cha Cha Tint / Cha Cha balm

Cannot quite decide which i want (so obviously buying them all!!)

Launch product #2 
Dreamscreen £25 

SPF 45, the word screen in the titled... Yes, a sunscreen! This lightweight silk cream, which finishes as matte will be moisturizing whilst protecting from those pesky rays! Amazing! Oil free too! I wasn't too excited, but having read all that, now i am counting down the days! All the things I have been waiting for, when i have my summer walk to work.
(I walk 1.6mile a day and often have a face that's slapped silly with the elements!) 

Product launch #3 
Instant Comeback Facial Serum £TBC

Age-Defying booster... Woah woah age? Not another fan dangled anti wrinkle wotsit?! NOPE! This is a serum with Tri Radiance Complex, the similar stuff in my favourite Triple Performing Facial Emulsion! So this is set to be top stuff! This says it will hydrate tired skin (yay), skin will also feel smooth and firmer and ENERGIZED! All the words to grab my attention at the minute! 

Roll on May 31st so that i can get my Bene-obsessed paws on these wonderful products! 
Saving will be needed, as i go on holiday the week after, inconsiderate of Benefit eh? ;-) 

* Booking into a counter can be done at any of them. The experience is FREE. Booking in on launch days will let Benebabes test products on your beautiful face and explain everything you need to know. There is sometimes offers such as GWP (Gift With Purchase). If it's a none launch day, you get a make upper - a make over Benefit style, choosing specific products to focus on. :) 

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