Thursday, 10 April 2014

Benefit Cosmetics brow experience with freebies!

Last weekend I had booked in for my monthly brow trip to Benefit. I only started going last October, as I had a freebie and wanted to find out what it was al about. I was really impressed with the experience and the way they shaped my brows and the care they took.

The waxing experience:
Benefit own the "Benebrow" a wowbrow, which shapes your brow into an arch.
They explain how they will shape your brow, by using a cotton bud and map out, (as sorts) the shape in which the arch should be. Benefit then test the wax, which is different to any other wax I personally have seen, as it is white and moisturising once on! they test it by smoothing some over the palm of the hand and seeing if the temperature is good. 
Once it is OK, the Benebabe smooths the wax onto the brow and does the usual waxing with the cotton strips.
Once finished, they hold a mirror for you to see, ask if you would like a tint also. I said yes this time, as I have never had one.

The Tint:
The tint is 3 different shade; light brown, medium brown and black. I chose the medium brow to match my colouring. The dye is moisture with a liquid into a small pot. The is then rubbed onto the brows for 2 miniutes and times with a stop clock. While this is setting, they smooth some moisturising cream on to the surrounding area, so that it doesn't dye all around too!
Once the stop clock beeps they wipe it all off, precisely and clean up the area. It really only feels cold, maybe tingly, nothing more.

The aftercare is brilliant! Once shown everything is good with your new brows, they touch up the redness, where the wax has been pulled, with Boi ing, their "industrial-strength concealer", they then ask if you would like their new product Gimme Brow on or their old favourite Brow Zings. I opted for Gimme Brow, as I love the way it looks. Free brow wax on your birthday too!

£11.50 for the wax
£18 for wax& tint

April Freebies:
After the chaos of the amazing Brow Arch March, where Benefit raised money for charity, came the calming April offers. If you book in for you brows in April, you will received a free deluxe sample from their skin range! I got given the top right, Triple Performing Facial emulsion, which is my favourite, see how much I love it here.

Also, if you play Benefit's game here on twitter you will receive a free carded sample of their new BB cream Big Easy, see my review of that beauty here.

I then was given a card, which  is like a rewards card. Every time I go for my brows I get a stamp, so I have one stamp and will receive a free tint next month. There's things like free deluxe samples, free wax etc! So good!


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