Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Benefit Big Easy

Benefit brought out a brand spanking new product this week and I was pushing people out of the way to be first in line! ... Err, not really, but i was excited for the launch on saturday! 
Big Easy is Benefit's BB cream with a SPF of 35, 6 different shades to match to and a description of cream to powder finish. The Big Easy BB is also said to match the skin tone, so if i do tan in summer, it should still look great!
The packaging of Benefit Cosmetics products are what attracted me first. I love how the colours and patterns are well put together and the bottles, tubes and boxes are so cute! 

In the picture, i have put some samples i got on Sat (be cheeky& friendly when you purchase and they gift you some samples, they're nice like that!). Plus a cute make up bag GWP. 
The Big Easy should be used on moisturised skin, hence the samples, plus i use POREfessional as a base too. 

Anyways, enough waffling onto the product! 
So, the different with this beauty is that it's recommended to use your fingers, which is a little awkward as I always use my fingers. Ssh.
I squeeze a pea size amount onto the back my left hand& use my right to spread all over my face.
Benefit say this product is perfect for those with an oily complexion and it is exactly that. Usually I am dubious about tag lines, but this is really perfect, as I have an oily nose, and with this it glides on and looks great.
I have been using this since I bought it on Saturday and i believe i have found the perfect shade, which is #4 Medium for me and the best face product! 

For this product, I have used my Boots points, but i do usually buy everything. (Literally! I love Benefit and can't walk past a counter without buying!) 
At £27.50 it is pricey, but it is SO worth it! I would, however get yourself to a Benefit counter to try it out with a Benebabe& get matched to the right shade before buying :) x


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