Thursday, 3 April 2014

Benefan competition winner = ME! #PoreOClock

On the 16th January 2014, i entered the Benefit twitter competition, and WON! It was the greatest day ever. Better than Christmas, my birthday and all good things imaginable rolled in to one! 

So Benefit UK were promoting their POREfessional, and I had recently been converted to using it after visiting a local Benefit counter. I loved the umbrella, scarf and products up for grabs, so I decided to give it a whirl and tweet every time they asked for the #PoreOClock tag.

At 5pm they were announcing the winner, and sadly at that time at my desk I finish off my boring office invoicing and update reports. Yawn. So i checked twitter quickly and I had a new notification. So I touch the icon and there was the tweet from Benefit! Holy moly I had WON! 

This was the most amazing thing to happen, in the dull weeks of Jan!
I DM as asked and they sent it out.

The prize arrived and it was as amazing as it sounds! The clock is on my wall, i use the umbrella regular, te scard if wear with my matching blue top and my addiction for POREfessional and Agent Zero Shine(their new product in the POREfessional range) has quadrupled! There's a cute POREfessional USB stick and some mini samples too! :) 


* See normal people DO win competitions!! :D Erm, also i am a HUGE Benefan, so expect more Benefit!! 

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