My Urban Decay boutique visit

I didn't realise there was an Irban Decay boutique in Covent Garden, but after a quick look at Google maps when i was there, i made my way to it! 
I desperately needed more All Nighter Setting Spray, and wanted to check out their other products! 

For years i have loved the spray, and this year they've had a change of packaging to this funky purple colour! Gorgeous! 
I have also loved their eye pallets! The first Naked pallet is my fave, but i cannot find it anywhere in my room!! Waaahh! So tecently i've used the Smokey one, and love the shades in there. 
I went for a primer for the eye, as the Urban Decay primer potion is said to be the best out there. I loved the metallica bronzey shade of this when the assisstant showed me it, and after using it this week, really like it on its own! 
I could have spent a fortune on things in the Urban Decay store, but alas didn't have that much money! I was so happy to see the brand is cruelty free, as i am slowly moving to this after ready the post over at Popcorn and Glitter here which made me seriously re-think my stance. 
I will be choosing a few more Urban Decay products when i head to the airport next month! :) 

Kat Von D beauty haul #2

As you may have seen on my instagram, i picked up some more things from Kat Von D beauty! I was in London last Sunday for the day with Mum, and wanted to head back to Oxford Street Debenhams for more bits, as i was so impressed with the bits last time i was there! 
This is Nobel Everlasting liquid lipstick. I really wanted Ophelia, but it isn't out here until the end of May, so i decided on this nudey peachy shade. It is completely different to my usual shades so hopefully it will look good. I shall be rocking it today, so will upload on insta stories on that one: samspeaks__ on there! 
I am in love with my Trooper Magic liner, so wanted a different coloured liner. This one in a dark blue is the Ink liner. The tip on this is more flexible felt style. 

Lastly i picked up this Shade+Light eye pallet in the Rust collection. It is a contour for eyes which gives definition and a smokey eye look. I love the colouts and the cute coffin style of the pallet! She it doesn't come with a brush though! 
The 4th item in centre is a cheeky sample i asked for at the counter. Hey, if you don't ask, you don't get! This cute Lock It concealer will be perfect for top ups or nights away! 

I also got it all in this Kat Von D bag! 

I will of course head back there next time i'm in London, and so hope ot comes up North soon! :) 

Personalised Vaseline

How cool is this personlised Vaseline tin?! I saw a pop up ad on instagram and had to get myself and family one each! They're so cute and personalisation adds a good touch! 
Vaseline is something i always use on my lils, cracked skin or feet to soften that dry skin! Handy tip for you. So these handbag size tins are perfect to always have around. 
I got it from the Vaseline website for £3.49! :) 

Lisa Potter Dixon Benefit - new book

I picked Lisa Potter Dixons book when i went to the Benefit Cosmetics, which you can read about here
Now i did previously get LPDs first book last year, which includes excellent make up tips like smokey eye, how to do a good base etc. It was so much help amd i used the tips loads! 
This book now eloborates on skincare and what suits your skin tone. Plus what brushes to use when, which i always need guidence on with so many being available! 
My book was signed when i bought it! So cool! 
I would highly recommend the book if you love make up or fancy learning new tricks! 
Out now priced £12.99 :) 

Charlotte Tilbury favourite lipstick

This lipstick is becoming my favourite shade, and is by far my favourite Charlotte Tiblury purchase! 
This fusia pink shade is the limited edition shade The Queen by Charlotte Tilbury! I usually would never fo for aomething so vibrant, but having stuck to nudes and pale tones recently, when inwas in London March, i spotted this and went for it. With it being limited it attracted me, thinking it was a little loud for my taste, but that when the sun is out, it will look like a gorgeous pop of colour! 
Well recently i have LOVED it! I am wearing it lots and think it will continue well into the summer! 
Here it is on and i even had my nails to match it! 
The shade is matte and the payoff is great. I did have to scrub my lips after a recent night out, but still will wear it loads! 
The Queen is £23 and be sure to get your hands on it asap! :)