Leeds festival 2017

Leeds festival for the day is one of the best things to attend at the August bank holiday! It doesn't matter what bands are on, i just love going and chilling out in a field! 

Face painted dots, sparkles in my hair and wellies are all a must! 
I loved the weather as it was so hot! Unbelievable on a British bank holiday! 
I so recommend heading there next year and experiencing the festival for yourself! :) 

The Body Shop Leeds event

As you might have seen i headed to Leeds on Wednesday to The Body Shop for a VIP event.
The focus was the new match green facemask, a cooling mask with cleansing properties, and the new clay foundation, a matte look formula. Both excellet products! 
As the sign says Treat Your Skin thats what The Body Shop focus on in body and cosmetics, to ensure goodness for us as well as animals, with no animal products being used. 
I was offered an arm massage to try out the soa range, full of exfoiliating ingredients and coffee to envigorate tje skin. It felt amazing and smelled delicious!
The make up range interested me loads, with everything to ensure you feel good about not harming the environment, animal kingdom or world. 
I had a skincare consultation and was recommended this seaweed range. As i have combination skin this should help balance out my oil and dryness, with the best products for me being the toner and moisturiser. I grabbed a bottle of the toner and have been loving it all week!

I also got a tin of the Camomile cleanser which everyone raves about, as a melting formula to remove makeup and dirt. I'm looking forward to trying it out! 
There was a 30% discount for the event and a goody bag on purchase, which was upgraded if spending £30+ of which i did and grabbed a few bits to swap out non cruelty free products in my collection! 
I also stocked on another body butter as i have used two of them since Christmas already and it is so gentle for my skin! My favourite has been the satsuma, but i went for the gorgeous smelling grapefuit this time! 
I have alsways loved The Body Shop and this event just made me love the brand even more! Thank you so much for the invite and gifts with purchase! :)

Lee Stafford Coco Loco

I have always been a fan of Lee Stafford. From seeing him on the Comic Reliefe hairdressers reality to show, to his launch of range and Christmas gifts way back. With my hair being a little dry I immediately went to look for something from the Lee Stafford as I knew there would be a spot on product!
I saw the new Coco Loco range and new coconut would be perfect for my peroxide hair. I used the spray and it was SO good with moisturising my hair before drying it. The intensive conditioner is great for weekly or bi-weekly washes to keep the moisture and shine. It helps my hair last 3 days between washes too which is great for me! I would so recommend this range and look out for it on offer for 2 for £6 at Boots! :)

Kylie Cosmetics birthday collection

Yes i bloody bought some Kylie Cosmetics since i LOVED getting the kylighter last week! I went for the Birthday collection and i needed the minis as ive been able to grab them before! Plus the Twenty lipkit, which are my favourite Kylie items! 
They arrived after a week& 2 days which i think it rather speedy! 
In this post i'll do a run down and show all the mini velvets! 
LA - not for me, as the nude/ peach colour didn't go on very well and needed 3 layers. 

Party Girl - i really like this colour. Then i removed it and it had stained my lips purple?! So not sure if i should wear it again!
Stained lips ;

Birthday Suit - i quite like a nude but this needed a few layers.

Sprinkles - the favourite by far! Perfect colour& i will wear it so much! 

Commando - my favourite in the mattes and still love it in the velvets! 

Surprise Me- i thought as a red i would hate this shade, but i really like it! More pinky in it! Gorgeous! 

Run down of the favourite order:
1. Sprinkles 

2. Surprise Me 

3. Commando 

4. Birthday Suit

5. Party Girl

6. LA 

Ok so i bought the mattes too, as i didn't think i'd like the velvets as much, which i don't! Plus a gloss so they'll be here next week! I used a lip brush with these to try so may use as stocking fillers if i love the mini mattes!
Hope you loved the run down here! :) 

My summer 2017 favourites

Here's a few sumner fave i've been using throughout June& July sunny times! 
Sun beam is my favourite highlighter and a must in summer! 
The highlighter pallet is from Primark for £4! The colour is so good! 
No7 mermaid was discontinued this year; RIP. I love the liner in summer! I still have a couple left so will still use it! 
The sunglasses are from Primark and have been my favourites this year! I usually wear my rayban wayfayres, but these have been amazing!