Debenhams Beauty club treats

Debenhams beauty club is their store card which you can collect points on. For every £5 collected it transfers to your card and you can spend that in store!
Recently i found out that they offer samples to collect in store, whihch are advertised on the monthly statement email! I hadn’t heard of this before but it is a brilliant perk!
In October it was this Kat Von D set with 2 fragrance samples of Saint and Sinner a liquid lipstick and the Tattoo liner! Err amazing!

This was Novembers, a Clinique moisture surge sample, so i am looking forward to next months to see what delights are offered! Well worth having a beauty club card fo sho! :)

Lush Festive Event

It has been 2 years since the last Festive Lush event, as i wrote about here! Times flies and when i got the event i remembered how brilliantly festive and specially it was to attend!
On arrival we gave in our names, which were ticked on a clipbord very professionally, offered a glass of fizz or OJ then had freedom to browse the products. Now browsing in the most empty Lush shop i have ever been is a dream! I love Lush but fighting to get to the products is crazy on a weekend so this was lovely!

Look at those gorgeous bath bomb colours with Christmas themes mixed in but with old favourites too! The smell is delcious when walking over to the counter and i wish i could vittle up that smell and spritz around the office and my room! Gorgeous!

I was surprised to see Sparkly Pumpkin left over from Halloween, and it turns out its staying until possibly January! Yay! As are a few of the Halloween goodoes, which is unheard of, yet excellent bot the less!

Look at this delightful Shooting Stars soap!
We were introduced and informed the main focus was the hidden spa downstairs, where a demonstration of the new treatment Karma was being shown, plus some mini treatments were ready for us and then we could come back up and make our own Bath bomb!

Yes that is a half naked person being treated... just hand on for context...
so, i was in the first group of people to be led down and shown around. We went into the first treatment room, filled with thw aromas of Karma; petouli, bergamot, oranges and oils, and the treatment was not only explained but also a background to how it came about being part of the Lush Spa rnage! Afterwards we were led into a room where the Karma treatment was being performed. A 65 minute treatment, performed by 2, yes TWO therapists, to 7 songs which is more of a dance routine who are both in sync with each other. Ita very calming to watch and must feel amazing! Proces were said, but I think I’ve heard £200+ for it, which makea sense as it IS  a long treatment and two perople perform so i get that!

We were there were offered a hand and arm massage and the therapists explain they too were training to perform Karma. They both learn the half of the routine, but the two aren’t the samw so they can only perform their aode of it, which is pretty cool!

Afterwards i headed back upstairs where i could make my own bathbombs! Now i have done it at an event before where it went a little wrong! So i knew to pack thw forum ular down hard in the plastic mould. There was Butter all, the white shea smelling one and Big Blue the one packed with seaweed. I made both and i think Big Blue is my favourite smell!

Here those bath bombs are, which have held together pretty good!!
I had another look around and then it was time to go, where sadly we didn’t get the usual goody bag, but it was still a lovely night and i will have to pop by again sokn to try all the wonderful goodies on offer!

See, even there toulets are fancy so i HAD to take a selfie!
Thank you SO much for the invite Lush, i had a great time out of hours leaning about the karma treatment and smell all the delcious offerings and everything! You just know Christmas is nearly here now, aftr a festive lush event! :)

The Body Shop Christmas event

The Body Shop on leeds Briggate is always great at hosting events. I’ve attended a few now and i am always made to feel so welcome and enjoy seeing all the new offeringrs or love the pampering that goes on that night! 
The blogger event happened last week, to ensure bloggers got first look at the Christmas goodies. However, i was feeling pretty down and so didn’t go/ forgot about it, and only missed out myself really so that was silly! Then The Body Shop Leeds @BriggateBeauty messaged to say there was a VIP event this week so i could still get my festive hat on and enjoy the new products! Yay! 
Upon arrival our names ticked, fizz handed and coats taken. We were free to browse the store and take in all the colourful festive treats and sample the delcious fruit scented treats all around us! There was an introductions from the team at Briggate followed by a make up demonstration. Of which i learnt something new about the foundation; it is sourced and made by farmers themselves in Mexico (i think, i’ll look it up...) and it so ethically made! How anazing is that for one step further that all other fair trade cosmetics brands?!

This years Christmas collection is designed by House of Holland, who is run by Henry Holland, one of my favourite designers! His quirky sense of style and super cool quotes are by faf my favourite part of HoH! The design is on point with his style which means there atre SO many items i NEED to buy from The Body Shop this season! It is my dream! 
Look at the photo above, for all the joyful colours and festive favourites! 

I love the baubles, which have 3 to choose; strawberry (which i got last year), shea and festive plum. At £9 i think they are such an amazing present, as the body butter is so luciously soft to use and would be a a delightful treat for the recipient! 

With this being a VIP event of course there was an offer on for the night, to receive 40% nearly all items and a goody bag upon purchase! Obviously i snapped up some HoH treats and only spent £18.90! 

As you can see i went for the lips tip, which is a tin filled with a trio of matte liquid lipsticks £15, and a body puff filled with glitter, which is SO needed at Christmas! 
Then we were handed a treat bag with body sorbet, hand cream and a lip product in it! Such a gorgeous treat! Sadly i ciuldn’t stay nor get in to have my make up done or arm massage but i shall be back again soon, to shop some more for Christmas presents!Thanks to Briggate Beauty/ The Body Shop for inviteing me and giving me the opportunity to enjoy the festive goodies! :? 

Bare Minerals Look Fantastic box

I got this box from Look Fantastic which is full of Bare Minerals goodies! It was £35 but i had a code from the Martin Lewis website to get it for £31.50! 
It includes a full sized mascara and complexion rescue, plus deluxe minis of lots of other things and a powder brush! I really love the Bare Minerals foundation as the powder is soft on my skin and coverage is medium! 
I'm saving the box a little while until i've used up my other make up, around xmas time, but will be using it all and enjoying being kinf to my skin. :)

Where i’ve been...

I’ve still been around, posting ocassional tweets and instagramming mainly. Not much of a snapshot of whats going on in my life, which usually isn’t something i share here, but i think there should be a change so you can get to know more me. 

On July 1st i woke up to find out my car has been involved in an accident. I’d parked it outside my house and a biker hit it. He died on inpact. His choices to not wear a helmet, and drink were the cuase and effect, but it involved me and none of it was my fault. Since then i’ve not felt myself at all. I’ve felt down, due to my life being changed, my indepence has gone and car prices have gone up so much that its going to take a while to get one, even though i had a pay out which matched what i paid last year. 
I’d just got back from holiday that week it happened, and i felt great, i was so happy, really. Now i am just a but lost. The dark nights where i have to walk home are hard. The weekends where i have to get the bus if i want to anywhere is draining me. 
My love of popping out for a coffee has been taken away from me. 
It will take a while for me to get back to blogging, and i am going to the doctor to see about how they can help me, but samspeaks will be blogging for Blogmas for definitely, and hopefully i’ll get some giftguides up soon. X