Kaspas Leeds

There's a new dessert place in Leeds which i was invited to check out last week! Its called Kaspa's and does waffles, ice cream, milkshakes and crepes! 
The smell when me brother and i entered was sweelty intoxicating. We're both fans of chocolate delights and so i junped at the opportunity to check Kaspa's out! 
We were shown to an American style diner booth in the back and given menus, which we poured over, decided on our treats. Once decided i headed to the til to order. 
I've got to say, it did take a good 5 mins to be served, but it was good to watch the staff making waffles in the makers as above, or emptying shakes into the glasses! 
I decided in an oreo milkshake complete with whipped cream, which was delcious and lovely an cooling with Sunday being such a hot day! 
My brother opted for a galaxy shae, and banana toffee waffle with vanilla ive cream! Look how huge it is! 
I went for the brownie waffle, which came with brownie pieces on top, chocolate sauce, accompanied by vanilla ice cream and pouring cream, which is the perfect combination! 
Here's the photo of honesty, the amazingly huge portions defeated us both! We opted to take away our treats in this handy box provided by Kaspa's! How cute is this for leftovers?! 
It was such a chocolatey heaven treat, so thank you so muh to Kaspa's and Don't Panic for the invite to check it out! 
I know review posts end in "i'll be back" but seriously, it was THAT good, i will plan to come back asap to try out other treats on the menu! 

5 of the best holiday destinations

I've been on a plane to somewhere every year if my life. I am so lucky to have being able to holiday in so many places! So i thiught i would some of my top places. Of course there are many places where it was before photos from camera phones were documented like Thassos, Santorini or Zante, but a lot of bloggers have those as faves, so here's my list! 
1. Rhodes, Greece
Full of beautiful cove beaches, bars for quiet or party drinks and the old ruins to have a walk around.
I went there in 2008, and loved the Greek island! 

2. New York, New York, USA
I went to New York in 2009, and have been dreaming of going back there ever since! With great weather in June, we were able to explore the shops, land marks and the island from the free ferry to see the Statue of Liberty! 
New York is well worth saving for and experiencing once at least! 

3. Ibiza, Balerics, Spain
Ibiza was so good. We got a cheap holiday one May in 2008 and enjoyed it so much! 
From enjoying cocktails at the sunset strip, or clubbing until 7am or walking around the shops and bara during the day, there is so much to do and enjoy whatever you're into on your holiday. Get there and experience it! I want to go again SO much! 
4. Yalikavak, Bodrum, Turkey
I love Greece more than Turkey, but since thw resession it has been cheaper to go to Turkey. So we first tried Yalikavak, which is just outside Bodrum centre, and a long beach strip, hidden behind mountains. 
Super quiet, with tranquil blue water it is the perfect beach getaway.

5. Amsterdam, Holland
So many bikes, so much culture and delcious food! 
There's so many pancake houses to try oit, wij this one i went to having gravy boats of chocolate sauce!! Yum!
It was freezing when we went there in March 2008, but we tried to visit lots of places like the Anne Frank house, the flee market and sex museum! Flights are around £40, including taxes/ bags, and 
Hoserls are £8-10 a night! Great for a weekend of getting away!

So there you are plenty of suggestions for you to go this summer! 

Primark beauty

Primark's beauty range is so good at the moment! With highlighter pallets for £4, eye pallets at the same price which rival Urban Decay ones and skincare things, they are great for stocking up! 
My favourite at the monent is their Bronze collection, with the bronzer/ highlighter pallet and the nail polish filled with metallic tones. 
I would say check out the Primark beauty buts next time you're in there as you'll be pleasantly surprised for sure! 

Great friends, great food

Its always lovely to meet up with friends for a catch up over great food and enjoy a glass of wine of cocktail. 
It was a friends birthday last week and we headed to Horbury centre, at Bar 42 to enjoy their week night offer of free starter with main course. 
We enjoyed wine, champagne and a lot of laughs while munching great food! 
I went for the mix grill, as it has a variety of things, when i can't decide exactly what i'd like! 
I also enjoyed a glass of rose, as a mid week treat! Its a lovely resaturant, and with great company it is highly recommended to visit! 

New Picture House - Moonlight

On Friday night we headed to the New Picture House cinema in my home town. The showing was Moonlight, of which we grabbed tickets online, as i was NOT going to miss the Oscar winning in shocking style flick! 
We grabbed out drinks and popcorn before it started, and settled in, not knowing anything about the plot. I loved the cinematography straight away. The camera angles were superb for the deceiption and story. I loved the 3 sections in which the film was laid out too. 
Enjoying our drinks and popcorn. Clearly not the best camera angle! 
The end of the film was left a little open, with it being about a boy who is unsure of himself, and trying to find who he is in life and how he fits. He suspects at a young age that he is gay, and thinks he has found his trueself in the second chapter, but gets into some trouble. It then skips to the third chapter, where he is living in a place not expected, but ending with him meeting his first love. The ending with the two lovers was left open, even though the audience is left to suspect the two men will be together, i was unsure what to think as it was very open ended and left a lot of questions. 
I scored it 4 out of 5 at the end due to this. 
Definitely worth a watch though! 
The New Picture House visit was excellent as always, with the delcious curry pot at the interval for £3.75, gome made cake for £2.25 and freshly brewed coffee for £1.50, or alternative alcoholic drinks too! A cute little night away from reality, which is always welcome! :)