Blogmas day 13; Adcent Calendar madness

In the No7 was a tube of the microdermabrasion which says to read the instructions before use, which petrified me! So i read them and i am no clearer as it doesn’t say a time linit of leaving it on my face?! Anyhow i will give it a go and see if it helps my flakey forehead!

In the M& S calendar was a perfume! Shay & Blue was in the calendar lasy year and is a spocey sort of fragrance. It was quite nice and i’ll look forward to using it in the winter months! :)

Blogmas Day 12: Advent Cendar madness

So bloomin excited to get this Alpha H liquid gold face stuff. So excited i forgot to blog! Derp.
Anyhow so looking forward to trying this at the weekend!!

No7 had my favourite cream ghe Protect& Perfect Advanced Night Cream! It is so thick and lovely for this time of year! :)

Blogmas Day 11: Advent Calendar madness

It is the 11th of December and 2 weeks today it is CHRISTMAAAAAS! How ruddy exciting?!
So todays advent calendar doors had the following behind...

Here’s the No7 treat and i pretty happy with it! I’m having such a ‘mare with my lashes recently with them clumping, or not really curlig as i hve long lashes but ones that go down naturally! Rather annoying and unworkable on a morning!! This lash& brow perfector should be perfect! I shall keep you updated!

In the M&S calendar there was a LGFB goft which informed about the amazing chairty!
I also love a good makeup sponge so its a win/ win!

Not bad gifts for a Monday! :)

Blogmas Day 10: Soap and Glory the big one!

Soap& Glory giftsets at Christmas are a MUST! With delcious body washes, pink packaging and amazing moisture, they are the perfect present!
This year Soap& Glory ‘s sought after big collection is called Spa of Wonder and is packed with 10 items and is the Star Gift at Boots this week! This means you can grab it for half price!
I grabbed 3 on Friday for friends, of which i’m hoping one isfor me!!

Please note; this is NOT sponsored, my arms still ache from carrying them to work!!

You see, proof of my dedication to Soap& Glory!!
So what you waiting for? Treat a specially person in your lifeto this amazing collection this Christmas! :)

Blogmas Day 9: Advent Calendar madness

It is morning and i am blogging! Just waiting for my cafetiere to be ready so thought i may as well get todays post up!
I opened my No7 calendar first and was SO happy with it!

I love the No7 Micellar water as it clears me skin on a morning! Super cute this mini so i’ll save it for my hols!

Onto my Marks & Spencer calendar and that also was a brilliant treat!

A gorgeous gold shimmer nail polish by Nails Inc! Perfect for this time of year! Plus as you can see from my ohotos i haven’t got any polish on recently so will use this later today!

Today i am happy with all of this!
I’m putting up the deco’s today and wrapping all my presents for people so i can dish them out to the lucky people on the nice list ! Festive day ahead! :)