My love for Soap and Glory has grown!

I know a boldly strange title! Of course I liked Soap and Glory but after this Christmas, I have just fallen in love and appreciate the smells so much! 
The above set was gifted to me and it comes in a cute bag perfect for my holidays with cute compartments! 

I grabbed these pink pallets in the 70% off sale as I thought for summer they'd be brilliant as I always wear hardly any make up. 

This bag was another 70% off steal too! The eyeliner is so good for me to use at the moment as it's easy to apply on a morning. I also got a liner in the HUGE set when it was on a Star gift with Boots! 
I love that the packaging is pink too, and vibrant so it really makes shower time or make up application fun! 
I think this stuff will last me all year until next Christmas when the fun starts again :) 

My friends

Here's a photo from a meal organised by a friend for my birthday. My birthday was Boxing Day, but being that it is so hard for people to make time at Christmas, so I got to do my birthday in Feb! 

I admit I was fully upset that my birthday was a normal day and glazed over, so for this surprise sort of meal to happen was nice. It's nice to realise that friends are always there for me, even if not for that one day. 

The restaurant; Ego at The Bulls Head is a Mediterranean influence like Greek and Italian. There was so much to choose from and starters of the Greek Meze were consumed! 
I had a delicious chicken kebab which came with wraps and a dip of tzatiki ! It was my ideal food!

As you can see I had a couple Aperol Spritzers which have turned into my favourite drink since getting over the bitterness! All through Christas i was polishing them off! 

This blond gal, Clarissa was the one who orchestrated the whole shindig, so a huge thanks to her for being amazing! 
To top it off my boss gave £100 towarss the meal. The boss who is usually impartial and never gives an inclin towards caring about my outside life. How nice is that?! Cheerry on the top of the winderful night! 
I would so recommend Ego restaurants and the delicious menu on offer! 
More photos from the night below! 

New from Benefit... The one everyone is talking about

Yes THAT mascara that Benefit Cosmetics hyped up SO much! It's called Bad Gal Bang and by now you must have heard and seen it loads! 

My Mum and Dad went on holiday so I asked them to grab it for me, as the above photo shows, along with some porefessional and the new pearl one too! More on that in another post! 
Bad Gal used to be an OK mascara, now this one is next level. Before I write anymore I have to say I love it. I didn't think I would, but it is so lightweight that it is perfect on my lashes. 

Bad Gal Bang is super black too and kind of gives a liner look too on the top! The only thing about it that I don't like is that it is so wet when applied. It takes a little while to dry so sneezing is disaster! Apart from that as it is so light I like it for everyday wear. It doesn't curl or give the volume like the other Benefit mascara so but it apples like the old Bad Gal just revamped. 
Loving it for now when my lashes need to kindness :) 

I back alive and kicking!

So, its been a while! I didn’t even make it through Blogmas which is SO upsetting! 
To be honest, blogger isn’t working at all so its making it difficult to post! I’m trying to find somewhere that i can do it or make to transfer to my own site! 
Photots just do not work sadly. 

Anyhow since last posting; Christmas was good but boring, my birthday the day after was like a normal day too. I did however get spoilt! I’m sure you’ve seen my inata posts on all of that!

I got a new car on Jan 13th! Finally the exact one i wanted. Can i say though, i miss my old one :( ha! 

So i will be posting weekly or by- weekly as i was, i just need to sort the photo situation out then its all go from me! 

Comnent below and tell me what you want to hear about first; Christmas gift review, advent calendar round up, boots sale or other things?! :) 

Blogmas day 13; Adcent Calendar madness

In the No7 was a tube of the microdermabrasion which says to read the instructions before use, which petrified me! So i read them and i am no clearer as it doesn’t say a time linit of leaving it on my face?! Anyhow i will give it a go and see if it helps my flakey forehead!

In the M& S calendar was a perfume! Shay & Blue was in the calendar lasy year and is a spocey sort of fragrance. It was quite nice and i’ll look forward to using it in the winter months! :)