The Advent Calendars day 9

John Lewis day 9 is a Fresh mask. I am going to give it a go, but it says rose and i hate that smell. Ohhh its becoming a bit neggi on these calendars!!

Debenhams gave a primer today, which isn't a brand I have heard of, but i love primers. I have no idea why but I always use them on my skin before my powder and bronzer!
I don't use foundation so it is good to use a base to stop the shine! I shall give it a go soon!

Marks& Spencer day 9 is a Ren nightcream. Now i have had hundreds of Ren samples, but never actually used them. I know loads of bloggers and youtubers go on about them, so I will crack this open soon and try it. However, I would have prefered a facewahs, as there's been a few creams now. Hopefully a better week onwards!

Blogmas day 9 - Lidl knock offs

Yes, we've all seen them, and we all want to know HOW they do it?! I for one, want to know how they get away with it, but does it live up to the same hype as the brands?!
At £5.99 per item, these are pretty spot on dupes of the bigger make up brands, like Benefit and Charlotte Tilbury.

With names like Too legit, as a mascara exact replica of They're Real, I mean photos are similar, packaging and wand, come onnnn! then Aloha is Hoola by Benefit, and the face duo is same as Charlotte Tilbury!
I tried them out this week, after getting them last week, and I do have to say I am SO impressed with them! The contour with both bronzers is excellent. Plus all the items are cruelty free, which is more boastful than Benefit who sell to China!

Here I am with the make up on the other night, and I admit, I will be repurchasing these items if they're back in stock again!!

The Advent Calendars Day 8

John Lewis Day 8 is one of, if not THE, favourite brand of mine, Charlotte Tilbury! It is the Wonder Glow beauty flash balm, which is a face primer that gives that dewy look people go for. I say people, as it aint for me, as I just look, well sweaty!
Someone will bloody love this though, from me!!

Debenahms day 8 i s a Lancome cream, another anti wrinkle again. So as you I pass these on!

In the Marks& Spencer book of beauty is a sparkly red Leighton Denny polish. IT is super festive,a nd a love colour. However, another moan, I get my nails done every 3 weeks, and a pedi so it is a bit obsolete. I met my cousin today to swap presents though and see loved it, so at least its gone to great use! 

Bit of a fail on todays calendar doors, so hopefully tomorrow will be much better/ useful!

The Advent Calendars - Day 7

In the John Lewis door 7 today is a Floral Street fragrance ylang ylang expresso.
I was unsure about it when opened it, as I have never heard of the brand, however the smell is delightful! Like one of my favourites!

Debenhams gave a NYX lip butter which is one of my fave lip products. HOwever, I think I might this to a friend, as the colour would be her perfect shade!

The Book Of Beauty by Marks& Spencer gave a lip product too, a alm wich is ALWAYS needed this time of year!

Blogmas Day 7 - Molton Brown VIP Christmas event

Molton Brown for me, are the ultimate bathroom accompaniment. With floral, forna or exotic scents, there is something for all in their ranges to give a gorgeous gift at Christmas time.

On offer in Molton Brown, are sparkly baubles with decadent scents, or Christmas crackers filled with luxurious shower essentials.

Upon arrival I was handed a cocktail, specially made for the event; Plum! As their scent for this years festive season is Muddled Plum, the cocktail was made with soaked plums in a spirit and mixer. It was a delight! Mum and I loved the treat!

While shopping around we notice various items that I hadn't seen before, like the glitter dust in the Christmas collection, or the scents which are super fruity, yet fresh.

As a added extra for the event we were given a goody bag of treats which had lots of sample bottles of the bath& shower gels, which I love for travel but also to try out the different scents on offer.

I decided on some baubles, as they are super cute decorations to hand on presents! I went for the newest scent, Muddled Plum for me and a friend, and the Oud scent for the guys I buy for!
Plus I got myself a large bottle of the Vintage elderflower glittery gel, to treat my bod in the lead up to Christmas!
These were all gift wrapped in tissue paper, a gift bag plus as I spend £60, I got another free gift! It was a HUGE bag I took away with me into the night! Ha!

Fear not if you are seething with jealousy about all of the above, as there is another event, and one in every store varying throughout December! Yay!
Saturday 8th December in store, for refreshments, goody bags and personalised printing on items!
I will see you there!