Monday, 21 October 2019

Make up of the moment; Clarins

Clarins is by far my faviurite makeup (and skin/ bodycare to be fair) of the moment!

I grabbed new foundation, concealer and lip perfecters on a recent trip to a local salon, where there was a Clarins expert in, and who matched me and showed me techniques. The foundation is spot on for my, as it looks exactly like my skin, just adding a less dead look of colour.

The concealer is excellent at covering my dark eyes, and the lip perfecter is slowing over taking my true love of their lip oil!

I also got a gift box with purchase too, which was a win!

At the moment, my whole face is Clarins with;
Beauty flash balm
SOS primter in universal
Skin illusion foundation
Instant concealer
Lip perfector in pink or nude
Ever matte mineral compact
4d lash mascara
ombre eye shadow

Loving it, and can't wait to see their Christmas collection at a beauty event at the local spa; The Beauty Spa, in Horbury, where there is a special Clarins event on 24th October!

Sunday, 20 October 2019

TK Maxx finds on Sunday afternoons

TK Maxx is my favourite place to frequent on Sunday afternoons, as it is brilliant for beauty finds. Recently i've found YSL, the above loot, Eve Lom and loads more high brands for a fraction of the price!

Eos lip balm £3.99
Eve Lom mask £7.99
Eve Lom face glow mist £7.99

I am loving that place lately!

Friday, 18 October 2019

John Lewis beauty weekend

So last week i went to John Lewis in Leeds, on Friday, for their beauty weekend, which was them hosting a load of masterclasses on some brands, some iwth visits from influencers.

I chose to nick off from wokrnin the afternoon, and go for the Nars with In The Frow, Victoria being guest there. It was pretty cool with all talk about skincare and makeup, so exactlu my jam.
Upon arrival to the 2nd floor, I got a glass of bubbles, and was told a goody bag was awaiting for me on the back of my chair.

I managed to grab a snap with In The Frow afterwards, as i do love her You Tube! (Acutally half way through her latest vid vlogging the event!)

I did manage to resist looking inside my bag before I left the event, and was so happy with the amazing loot is included! See below of all the gorgeous goodies!

I will be looking out for more John Lewis events, as apparently they do a few over the year, and will definitely shop there more often, as they had an amazing selection in downstairs, for Halloween and Christmas!

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

The devilishly good Glossybox this month

Yes, that is right, i got the Devil box picked for me, with red tones, and a host of naughty treats!

The box is a keeper for sure, with a Halloween inspired eye, on a red background, which is excellent for the spooky season soon to be here!

Inside is a Whittards hot choc in sticky toffee,
bath soak (sadly don't have  a bath, so passed it to a very pleased friend),
a Lord and Berry lip pencil in a red berry colour (even though I don't do red, i'll give it a whirl)
 a gold looking face mask
Then finally a 9 colour an eye pallet, which will get used loads real soon!

Such a good theme for the Scary month of October, and Halloween. I thought it was very clever!

 I will say another brilliant Glossybox! So happy to have kept my subscription!
Since keeping it in Spring, i've managed to grab 3 limited edition boxes with discounts for subscribers; Easter Egg, advent calender and Bare Minerals (still on its way, but arriving this week!), plus great options each month!
Will be keeping it more, and think i shall be buying a friend a subscription for Christmas too!

Monday, 14 October 2019

Soliel Tan De Chanel - THE best bronzer

A bold statement i've made in my header, but its so true! I grabbed this as a treat to myself, for heading off with work for the anual bed show. For which i wanted new makeup, as i had been using minimal all summer, and when September hits my skin always goes very dull!

This Chanel bronzer was the perfect pick me up, with a warming colouring from the cream, it just adds enough colour on my face to make me look healthy, and not yet dead, which is the pale look i was rocking before this hot my head!

It is expensive at £40, i did get a discount of 15% off at Debenhams, in one their regular discount weekends, but i can say it will be lasting a while, as still the whip is on top, and i've used it everyday since 1st weekend in September!
Well worth the splurge!

Sunday, 13 October 2019

Skincare Sunday; Emma Hardie anniversary edition Moringa Cleanser

Ok, so Caroline Hirons made me do it, as she had been offered readers a generous 20% off Emma Hardie, so i knew i HAD to grab the Moringa! I'd seen so many posts on the lastest limited edition one, which not only is a huge 200ml pot, but comes with rosehip seeds, which when blended are an exfoliate! Brilliant!

I am cracking it open today, after finishing my Pixi Double Cleanse (Yes Hirons fan, ok?!) And will be loving it, as i have used it before, in those mini pots that come free in advent calendars so much. Can't wait for a few months of Hardie ;-)

Sunday, 18 August 2019

New from Benefit - Party Like a Flockstar

You know it's never too long before a Benefit post, and I have this cute pallet from QVC to show off. It was an exclusive a few weeks ago, and isn't out nationwide until September.
Filled with lip, eye and cheek products it will be a great go-to item for a handbag hero!

Party Like a Flockstar seen above had a Hoola light and normal contour, Galifonria glow and dandilion blush for cheeks.
Lip products look like good inky shades for a bit of pep to the day.
The shadows look blendable and neutral for my work days.
The set also came with a full sized Bad Gal Bang. I just can't get away from this mascara, so seeing as though i have 5 of them, I'd best do a review of it next! (I actually nearly swore then, but bloody hell 5!?)

So this is still available on QVC now! I bought it for £35.50! :)

Make up of the moment; Clarins

Clarins is by far my faviurite makeup (and skin/ bodycare to be fair) of the moment! I grabbed new foundation, concealer and lip perfec...