The Calendars day 24

John Lewis is a Lancome strobe cream, with a voucher for free foundation sample at counters.
I could do with these sort of higlighters, to brighten me up so this will come in handy!

Debenhams Day24 is a £5 voucher to use! Good end to a crappy Calendar! Ha! I wouldn't get the Debenhams one again.

M&S day 24 is a L'Occitane cream, which i know is an excellent one! I shall use this after my CT ones runs dry :)

In the last drawer of the Charlotte Tilbury beauty is a lipgloss called Sweet Stilleto, which is a pale pink and i wore it today and it was delightful! So happy with the minis in this one!

Blogmas Day 24 - Kylie Holiday lip minis

I snapped up one of the mini lip sets on Kylie last month, which is  set of 8 this time, rather than 5 or 6 from the previous ones!
As much i love Kylie though, I cannot affrd to buy it anymore, as this one was $45, Plus $14.95 shipping then a customs fee of £15.76?! Daft money!
Anyhow, I LOVE the colours, even the reds in the set.
Below are the swatches for each colour


 Hot Cocoa
 Small Wonder
 Sweater Weather
 Naughty Is The New Nice
 Under The Tree
No Peeking

Blogmas Day 23- The Calendars

In the John Lewis calendar today is a Zelens Marine Complex which i think is a skin cream, for night i assume. I saw Zelens is a fave of Caroline Hirons so this should be a good cream to try out this new year in my next skin regime!

In Debenhams today i got some under eye masks, whci i SO needed after the work do last night, as i felt crappy today, and very run down!

In the M&S one today is a highlighter/ bronzer that will be excellent for adding some colour to my pale face this festive season! All of a sudden my face has got really pasty! I am using bronzer none stop now a days!

The Calendars Day 22

John Lewis Day 22 is a Becca primer First Light Primer Filter which another primer is good, but if its a glow one, then I think i'll pass as i just end up looking sweaty, which aint a look is it?!

In Debenhams day 22 is a Paco Rabane Lady Million mini bottle whihc is super cute and a scent i adore! I shall use this in my handbag!

The Book Of Beauty by Marks& Spencer gave a Stila eye pencil, which is ok but looks like a purple or brown so unsure if i'll use it. Hmm.

The Advent Calendars - Day 21

For day 21 in the calendars I got...
John Lewis Hermes perfume

Debenhams has Glamglow which I have been dying to try out, so shall be doing this one on Xmas eve!

M&S is a This Works in transit camera close up, which says it is a primer, mask and moisturiser. Which I love primers so will try it out soon!