Sunday, 18 August 2019

New from Benefit - Party Like a Flockstar

You know it's never too long before a Benefit post, and I have this cute pallet from QVC to show off. It was an exclusive a few weeks ago, and isn't out nationwide until September.
Filled with lip, eye and cheek products it will be a great go-to item for a handbag hero!

Party Like a Flockstar seen above had a Hoola light and normal contour, Galifonria glow and dandilion blush for cheeks.
Lip products look like good inky shades for a bit of pep to the day.
The shadows look blendable and neutral for my work days.
The set also came with a full sized Bad Gal Bang. I just can't get away from this mascara, so seeing as though i have 5 of them, I'd best do a review of it next! (I actually nearly swore then, but bloody hell 5!?)

So this is still available on QVC now! I bought it for £35.50! :)

Friday, 16 August 2019

Happy Birthday Glossybox!

July Glossybox is a happy birthday to the beauty box brand, and a sparkly edit of their monthly subscription box!

Packs with 5 beauty products, whic is the major attraction for many, including myself as a little monthly treat. Lucky for me, it actually arrived for my monthlies, so the extra perk was fab!

So crammed into July's box is;

Imperial Leather show foam - Always a win for any shower products as i love trying them all out! Foams are such a great way of using less too!

Furr eyelash curlers - Love me some lash curlers and i don't care how old that makes me!

Beauty Pro Eye therapy - These hydro gel masks were a bit mehh when i saw them, but i used them this morning (Sunday) drinking my morning coffee and My eyes have perked up, are nice and cool. I loved the fact only one side were coated, making it so much easier to apply them! Take note other companies!! Same they were one use, as i liked them. Will be hunting them down soon!

Bang Beauty liner - Never heard of these guys in fairness, but a felt liner never goes a miss. It is all wrapped up so hopefully will last a while as i won't be needing it until winter time. Love the packaging too, with it being holographic!

Huda Lip strobe - I hate it ok? The texture is vile. The consistency thick and sticky and the colour isn't for me. I think i would have made it work if i'd got the champagne or something, as i love metallic and glossy, but NO. Bin.

All in all i love this months box.
I admit i never usually stick with the beauty subs, but i am this time. Glossybox are on top of their game right now!
Hopefully will get my hands on the advent calendar advertised too!!

Thursday, 15 August 2019

I was nicely gifted this Iroha faskmask in June from Catalyst, and i didn't put off using it as my skin was doing good and thought it looked a bit too green. I'm a pink girl, ok?!
However, Saturday pre menstural skn meant a breakout and it was slapped on, and lo and behold i really enjoyed using it!

The metallic green mixture was crazy, but went on really well. I used my fingers, as i am not about the brushes.
Its in a handy screw cap too, so you get 4 uses out of it! Yes!

Look, I am like that girl from Guardians of the Galaxy! Ha! Felt real nice though. IT didn't tighten my skin in a horrid way, dried well too.

Peel off mask too, i mean how much fun does a girl need for a pamper session!?
It came off in 1 piece too, but i was so in awe i forgot a snap of it in the sink, so all ya get is the screwed up ball, soz!

There you go.

Afterwards my skin is a glow with freshness. The spots disappeared from my firehead, and I didn't even use a moisturiser afterwards, as it just felt too good without it!

Thanks so much to Iroha and Catalyst, once again! :)

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

My Summer Empties

I always use a variety of skincare and haircare favourites, and rarely stick to the same products. However, there are now a few exceptions to this rule!

So straight in with my favourites and things i will re-purchase;
Clains Moisture Rich Body Lotion - this was with one of those gift with purchases, and it was so great! My skin is left soft, nourished and the smell is lovely. Not too much of shea butter, but fresh! This tube is actually my 3rd this year!

Neautrogena Visibly clear pink grapefruit daily scrub - I've bought this regular for about 4 years now, and it keeps my skin spot free. I sometimes use this or the daily wash. I have no idea why, but the pink grapefruit seems to connect well with my skin!

Dr Paw Paw - I've never used this products before, but i've heard so many great things. When i was gifted this back in June by Catalyst PR I was super happy. I used it immediately and have just used it up! I will be re-buying asap!

Benefit Roller Liner - I have re-purchased this in brown now, as the black was a little harsh for natural summer look i have been rocking. THe liner is so easy to apply, the colour pay off last's all day. I will say there is a slight transfer with my sweaty summer eyes, but all good mostly!

Clarins Tonic Bath& Shower Concentrate - Actually never know whether this is a shower product, but i have used it as that, since getting it with the summer GWP In The Frow collab! The smell is so fresh and not over powering. Clarins are by far my favourite brand right now!

Sancturary Wet Skin Moisture Miracle - I got a sample gifted by Sanctuary and instantly loved it! I recently went on holiday, and so in order to keep my skin supple and keep my tan, I've been using this brilliant product!

L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil - The smell is SO delicious! I love using it in shower first, then smell lingers a while in there, and around upstairs! Mmm! I shall definitely have a trip to L'Occitane soon as i used this way back in May!

Percy & Reed Wonder Overnight Recovery - This is a miracle in a tube! My hair feels like silk when i use it, and i have been and got myself the full size. This little beauty was in the M&S advent calendar and was a great find!

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish - I mean I've lost count of how many of these I've been through! It is just my no1 for when my skin needs a pick me up!

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm - I didn't believe the hype but wish i had sooner! This is a delight and can be used, as a primer, whicbi have been or a overnight mask or mixed with base products. I have been and got myself a full size, and will never be without this now!

Clarins One Step facial cleanser - This brightened my skin so great. I will be switching to this once i've used up my currently micellar by Garnier. Although I do use both right now, so maybe thats my great combo for skin! Anyhow, this smells great, I used it first on holiday, and it just left my skin feeling& looking great!

Phillip Kingsley Moisture Balancing Conditioner Coconut Breeze scent - My hair feels like it should be in a hair advert with this! I got the TSV on QVC in May, and it came with the shampoo, conditioner, a spritz and the famous Elasticizer. I actually didn't save the elasticizer but i've been through 3 this year alone after discovering it last year! Get on it!

The ok products that i wouldn't rush out for, but as a GWP are ok..

Clarins Extra Firming moisturiser - As its more of an anti wrinkle product it was ok. I have another of these so will use it up, but i prefer the overnight cream.

The Body Shop peppermint scrub ltd ed - The smell is my favourite, but the scrub is too crumbly. I think its made of sugar, and it just gets too sticky.

Not great products that i actually didn't bother to use up are...

L'oreal lip stain - My goodness it didn't even stain my lips much of a colour, but then i remove the tint, and my lips were neon pink. NEON PINK! I mean i love neon pink, but nahhhh. Would not recommend at all. I loved their balms a few summers ago too!

Sunday, 11 August 2019

Charlotte Tilbury sale picks

It's the most wonderful time of the year! No, not Christmas, the Charlotte Tilbury summer sale!
I grabbed SO many things, including an advent calendar filled with 12 treats for the lead up to Christmas this year. I usually use it for a countdown to finishing work for the holidays!

So here is the little lot! There were quite a few samples on offer, like a free mini lipstick of pillow talk and full fat lashes mascara, plus lipstick one use samples, or a hot lips makeup bag! I split my orders up into a few different ones, to be able to get the samples! Handy trick there!
I actually placed quite a lot of orders, the first one was bought of goodies, that Mum has stashed away for crimbo, another that my friend has bought for my Xmas too, then the above are what I have treated myself to!

I got a couple of Hollywood Lips in shades Best Actress and Dolly Bird, also the amazing bar of Gold palette of highlighters!
I've wanted it for a while, and with it being £61.80 for the pallet RRP £49, brush RRP £35 and Wonderglow around £8 for the deluxe sample I had the snap it up! All this a total of £92, with a saving of £30.20!

I then did a seperate order for Goddess clay skin mask, which I had a few samples of and LOVE on my skin RRP £38, Multi glow £8 and the Magic dry sheet mask £18, which I found strange when I first got one a couple of years ago, but it worked wondered on my skin! Plus you get 3 uses out of it! So a saving of £64, saving me £25.60!

So happy with the picks, as last year I didn't buy as much an regretted missing out on the savings!!

I will most probably do another CT shop when I head to London at Christmas time too! :)

Friday, 9 August 2019

Gifted; Star Dust Flamingo Bubble Mask

how nice is a good ol' pamper session?! I love to apply a face mask on a Sunday evening, to prepare whatever hellish delights await me at work that week. At least in my Sunday bubble I can be relaxed.

This bubble sheet mask by Star Dust is mad how it works! Its a sheet, that when applied it starts to bubble away!

Look at those bubbles! It made a crackling sound, but felt quite nice! I don't usually like sheet masks, but this was an exception as the way it worked was a good sensation!

I think I had it on for about 15 mins, with the max time 20 mins on the packet. My skin was glowing afterwards!

Look at that glow. So I will 100% be getting these beauties again for another pamper session!
Thanks so much to Star Dust& Catalyst for sorting this one! :)

Tuesday, 23 July 2019

This months Glossybox is a winner!

So even though the box this month gives me the holiday vibes, and i miss that sunny climate, I loved opening Glossybox!

I've always wanted to try Moroccan oil and will use this in my hair loads!

I think all the products are perfect for me!

The cleanser is spot on, as i love me some skincare saviours!

My tan is kinda dulling, so this Palmers Cocoa Butter tan will perk it up!

I've used these Boots Witch hazel masks before so can only say excellent things about my skin after! I am a huge Witch Hazel fan for skin with its properties that soothe!

Plus a full size in this mascara by Manna Kadar will be perfect for my mascara addiction!

Definitely sticking it out with Glossybox after these beauties!

Also got a free make up bag, for sining up, which is see-through and perfect for holidays and customs! Yay! :)

New from Benefit - Party Like a Flockstar

You know it's never too long before a Benefit post, and I have this cute pallet from QVC to show off. It was an exclusive a few weeks...