Friday, 13 December 2019

Blogmas Day 13

Dun dunnn dunnnn!
Friday the 13th; i hope it is a brilliant day, as I have my 2nd accounts exam later today!

I have finish my Xmas shopping, so may do a little haul of the bits i have picked up.
It's all wrapped now and ready to be dropped off with Santa!

I have mainly been studying, but also went to the cinema on Weds to see the new film Last Christmas and it was SO good!

Cheesy, Xmas and a twist, everything you need in a good film!

Now i am glad we're nearly onto the last week of work, as it is hectic, and i need a good long break!

Thursday, 12 December 2019

Blogmas Day 9-12

OK i did not win at this, this year!

So i'll just list my advent calendar haul so far this week down below!

Lots of good things, lots of naff things, you decided on which is which! Ha!

Sunday, 8 December 2019

The Advent Calendars - Day 8

Sparkly base coat polish from glossybox! Getting this beauty straight on my tatty nails!

Marks & Spencers today is a sleep cream, which as i previously said in day 2 i LOVE! I shall be slathering my head in this tonight, as for some reason i aint sleeping!

No7 also had the beauty sleep idea with these eye masks behind todays door!
I shall be using these on a pamper seassion next weekend after my next accounts exam which is Friday! Eep!

Great weekend of calendars, plus i am opening my Charlotte Tibury sale bargain one too, as a countdown to finishing work!

Blogmas Day 7 - The Advent Calendars

Glossybox has a liner. I know this as i was cheeky and opened my desk calendar early on Friday!!

No7 is a mascara which i will use asap as i am searching for anew favourite!

M&S is a nail polish whihc my Mum has pinched already! Sparkly and pink for Christmas!

Blogmas Day 8 - The Empties

Took me ages to save these! All summer in fact. Trying to use up all of my stash, before Christmas, then I can indulge in some new things!

Living Proof - Got it as a TSV, and hated it all. Made my hair brittle. I know loads rave about it, but maybe I got the wrong stuff for me?

Clarins - The body cream i adore. I go through so many of these!

Aussie beach mate - I love it and its only available in summer! However £1.05 from the Boots clearance was a bargain. Must buy more next time!

Clarins Bath & Shower concentrate - i love this tonic for refreshing I think it is? It smells amazing and onto my 3rd of the year now!

Sanctuary wet skin miracle - Love this stuff for moisturising in the shower! Need to buy more of it, as now winter had hit, my skin is DRY!

Percy& Read Overnight Recovery - love this stuff! Its just so easy to apply and sleep in then wash out! Always buy it when M&S have a 20% off offer!!

Ren - Actually never used their stuff before but this shower glow body wash out of an advent calendar last year was really nice to use!

Clarins body oil - love it and must buy a full size once my samples are done. Actually onto another sample of it at the moment!

Clarins SOS Hydra - got it in a mixed bag on the plane and really liked it. The face mask however, not so much!

clarins bath& shower - see another and another body cream!

Olay vanilla save cream - the BEST along with Venus olay razors!

Rituals shower oil - was nice, but tiny sample so only lasted 1 wash! Ha!

Clarins eye make up remover - loved this one, and not their usual split stuff!!

Couple of other clarins smaples; Night cream love it super thick and their new face scrub, its ok but I prefer Neutrogena!

Friday, 6 December 2019

Blogmas day 6 - The Advent Calendars

No 7 Door 6 is a blue gel polish, which aint my colour but full sized, so someone will love this!

M&S today is a Kohl liner which i do love on my water line this year, old school, or maybe I'm rocking the older ladies fave. Either way great door gift!

Glossybox is slightly more boring with a brush, but i do use a lot of fluffy shadow brushes, so will most probably be using it asap!

Thursday, 5 December 2019

Bloagmas Day 5 - The Advent Calendars

Glossybox is doing amazing!

Day 4 - Yesterday was a lip pencil

Day 5 - Today is a The body Shop hand cream!

Marks & Spencer

Day 4 - Yesterday was a Alpha H cleanser, which i shall be trying out tonight!

Day 5 - Today is a Ren night cream, and I recently used last years one, and it is gorgeous on my skin!


Day 4 - Yesterday was mini tweezers which are to only adorable, but work SO well!

Day 5 - Today is a Nail& Cuticle cream which i definitely need right now! As i haven't been having acrylics on, my nails look and feel and ARE horrendous! Falsies back on in two weeks so hopefully this will help until then!

Blogmas Day 13

Dun dunnn dunnnn! Friday the 13th; i hope it is a brilliant day, as I have my 2nd accounts exam later today! I have finish...